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What is More Lovely Than Teaching Our Kids to Worship?

"Worship is an ordered way of acting and living that sets us before God so He can transform us….it is a lifestyle. It is to permeate the daily fabric of our lives." Richard Foster in Celebration of Discipline

Dr. Christopher Perrin is widely...

Remembering God's Faithfulness


I hit the single key on the keyboard and simultaneously felt my stomach drop to my feet. It was the fall of 2008, I was a senior filling out college applications and had just typed “0” in response to the question asking for my family’s annual...

The Most Important Questions to Ask about Private School

We’re all familiar with FAQ’s ( Frequently Asked Questions) on websites or instruction pages, but when it comes to deciding where your children should attend school, let me submit a few SAQ’s (Seldom Asked Questions) for you to ponder.

Everyone Wants to Be Included

There are few memories from junior high that sting as much as one awful moment in seventh grade.

Really Living with ALS

To live is the rarest thing in the world.  Most people just exist.-- Oscar Wilde 

The date will never escape me, October 21, 2014. I am now just past the 4 year ‘anniversary’ of my diagnosis. According to statistics, I should be dead,...

How to Raise a Prayer Warrior

If you are a parent, one question is never far from your mind . . . “Am I doing this right?”

Trusting God to Fill in the Gaps


The planks arrived and it was a fixer-upper day! The bedroom was getting a new floor! As we installed each plank and increased every row- the excitement grew.  My husband and I methodically shifted furniture onto the newly floored half of the...

7 Important Identity Words to Speak Over Your Children

Your son’s hand is up so high. “Pick me!!” Now he’s waving his arm back and forth because this is his chance to shine. But he’s overlooked. He’s not seen. He’s not chosen. What words play through his head? Lies or truth? Whispers from the enemy...

Legacy of Love: Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

Psalm 116:15 Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. (ESV)

50 years ago today, we lost a great national pastor.  Martin Luther King Jr. loved well.  He changed our nation and our world.  He stood up and spoke for those whose...

The Battle:  How Cancer Changed Me

Fighting cancer has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to face. The endless nausea and vomiting were overwhelming. At one point, I was nauseous for over a week straight. Cancer wrecked my body, and it made my emotions seem like they...