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God's Provision in the Ordinary

“They wanted to kill you.”

What CCA Means to the Fishpaw Family

When asked to write a blog about what CCA means to me, my first instinct was to reply and say, “goodness no, not me, surely there is someone else who is more qualified?” But, as quick as I heard those words in my mind, I felt God speaking to my...

The 2020 Paradox

On the anniversary of her 40th year on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II gave a speech to Parliament. It was to be a year of celebration. No ruling British monarch had achieved a 40-year reign since Queen Victoria in the 1800s. England’s economy was...

One Day at a Time Sweet Jesus!

My grandmother became a widow at a young age and was left alone to raise four young children and run the family funeral home business. In addition to her faith and support from her community, she often credits the old hymn “One Day at a Time” with...

Choosing Gratitude

Every day we have a choice. We choose to be thankful or to complain. What type of person do you want to be?

Can a Parakeet Lift a Heavy Heart?

An incredible thing happened in my family last August.My daughter, Eden, had been asking for a parakeet for about a month. We told her "No way." By no means did this deter her from her goal. She prayed for a parakeet every night. She even asked my...

Gentle and Lowly in Heart

In today’s social and political climate, we as Christians have the prime opportunity to model the heart of Jesus to our children, community, and our CCA family.

The One Behind the Mask

“God himself will milk the cows through him whose vocation that is.” Martin Luther

Dad wore the same Halloween costume every year. It was simple and impossibly frugal: an old robe and a government-issued gas mask from his military readiness bag....

Building a Lasting Faith in Your Child

If you have ever visited a NICU (newborn intensive care unit), you know watching a tiny little human in an incubator is heart-wrenching. The magnitude of the machines and tubes entangling the baby is absolutely unsettling. Yet despite how unnerving...

Embrace BigYear2020 and Rejoice in God’s Sovereignty

Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.

Proverbs 27:1

At the end of 2019, we got a new Wi-Fi router. My dad had to choose a new password. He chose BigYear2020. Don’t worry; we’ve already changed it! It was simple and...