Becoming College-Ready

Covenant Christian Academy is as concerned about what your student becomes as what your student learns. As a community of scholars, we expect our students to continue their studies after graduation and are committed to aiding them in the selection of their next academic home.

New call-to-actionCollege selection begins with our Study Skills program in the Middle School.  Students begin to develop scholarly habits, including self-reflection, which translate into an exceptional transcript as they move into High School.

When students enter the ninth grade, they are provided more tools to self discovery such as a personality profile, career exploration tools, and personalized college advising.  Through group and private sessions using Naviance Family Connection, a portfolio of interests and preferences is developed which aids in the process of selecting a college.

Parents and students have access to a full time college advisor who, through private guidance sessions, can help each student create a plan for admissions testing, portfolio and resume' construction, and a successful college search.

HanneganShelley Hannegan

Director of College Guidance and Academic Advising 



College Entrance Exams

Covenant students take the EXPLORE test in ninth grade, the PLAN test in tenth grade, and the PSAT in ninth, tenth, and eleventh.  All of these tests are included in tuition and are used to evaluate which college entrance exam is best for each student.

Students then take the SAT or the ACT for college admissions at a local testing location for an additional cost.  Register for these tests at the following websites:


College Visits at CCA and in the area:

We invite colleges to visit our campus so students are exposed to an assortment of schools. These visits give a chance to have face-to-face meetings with admissions professionals from schools across the country.

The local college fairs will have a multitude of schools present and give a chance to explore even more. Both of these opportunities will provide important connections and become a part of discovering where God may be leading.

What Is The Outcome of a CCA Education?
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