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4 Reasons Why the Values Your Child Is Taught in Elementary School Matter

Posted by Joy Hale on May 4, 2023 8:30:55 AM

As Christian parents, we all strive to teach our children biblical values while they’re young. Whether caring for a hurt friend, showing gratitude for a gift, or humbly admitting mistakes, you know that a child’s earliest teachings can impact them for life.CCA student praying

With elementary school on the horizon, you might be considering how your child’s learning environment will impact the values they develop and the person they become. 

As you're prayerfully considering elementary school options, here are four key considerations to help you make the best decision for your family.

There is no do-over for the formative years.

In previous generations, many families chose to send their children to public elementary schools, opting to wait until middle or high school to invest in Christian education. 

Today, more parents are realizing why a Christian education is important at every age and stage. Families have seen that alignment between values taught at home and school matter in the early grades, when children are initially developing their worldview.

Neuroscience confirms that the majority of brain development occurs by age 8. A child’s experiences during this window - positive and negative - have lasting effects. Parents should be the primary influences in their child's life, but Christian families are fighting an uphill battle when children spend so many hours at public school. Parents often find their biblical views at odds with the worldviews children are exposed to in the public school system.

Is a private Christian school worth it for your family? The proof is in the numbers. 

According to Barna research, moral foundation and worldview are developed by age 13, indicating that the elementary years are crucial.

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Confusion creates chaos in young minds.

When there is an obvious misalignment between what is taught at home and church, and what is taught at school, the world can become a confusing place for a young child.

Children are trying to sort through mixed messages in their brains between what they've heard at home, church, and school. This internal conflict leads to doubt and questions like "What is the truth?" or "Does truth even exist?"

In Christian schools, students are taught that all truth is God’s truth. His world is living and relevant, and can be applied to what they’re learning in the classroom and in life. 

This order lays a foundation for wisdom and an ability to answer important questions in the years ahead. 

School friendships can last a lifetime.

CCA ELEM GIRLSDoes enrolling at a Christian school guarantee that your child will never face negative peer pressure? Of course not! 

At the same time, community matters, and the ability to connect with other Christian families in elementary school is beneficial to students and parents alike. 

All children will make mistakes, but the value of learning together with like-minded families cannot be overstated. You’ve heard the old adage, “it takes a village,” and faith-based schools often provide that community Christian parents desperately need.

What’s more, friendships built in elementary school often last into middle school, high school, and beyond. These consistent relationships, guided and mentored by teachers and parents, will be a part of your child’s life, potentially until they are choosing a school for their own children! 

Never underestimate the impact of a teacher.

Everyone has a deep-seated memory involving one of their childhood teachers. Whether positive or negative, the words a teacher speaks over a child can have a profound impact. 

It’s important to remember that teachers are not only imparting academic knowledge to your child, they are also developing their self-esteem, encouraging their values, and nurturing their spirit. Their own attitudes, beliefs and character will undoubtedly be infused into the learning experience.

Christian schools intentionally select passionate, Bible-believing teachers who view their work as a calling to impact young lives. Dedicated Christian teachers not only want to see students excelling in math, reading, and writing, they want to see children’s hearts transformed for Christ, and their lives filled with purpose. 

As a parent, you can view your child’s teachers as partners in raising your children in truth, instilling in them the godly values that will help them navigate an ever-changing world.

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