CCA why covenant christianYou’re not just looking for a great school where your child will become a successful student — you’re looking for a safe community where they will develop honorable character and embrace God’s calling on their life. We understand that choosing the right learning environment for your child is of utmost importance to your family. The mentors they find, the curriculum they use, the friends they make, and the experiences they have outside the classroom will all play a part in shaping their future. If you’re exploring the private Christian schools near Colleyville, TX, you might be wondering, why Covenant?

Here are a few of the top reasons why families choose to partner with us:

A classical education produces lifelong learners.

The classical model is a proven educational approach that moves students through three intentional phases of learning: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. At each age and stage, classical education cultivates wisdom and virtue in students by surrounding them with teachers and curriculum representing truth, goodness, and beauty. Covenant graduates are:

  • Well-read
  • Critical thinkers
  • Creative problem solvers
  • Eloquent communicators
  • Persuasive writers
  • Grounded in biblical truth
  • Well-rounded in academics, the arts, and athletics

Covenant students can get a jump start on their college education through AP and Dual Enrollment opportunities. Up to 36 credit hours are available, and our typical graduate has around 18-27, making them well-prepared for their next step. In 2022, 98% of our graduating class received college scholarships, totaling more than $6 million.



A Christ-centered community creates culture changers.

Covenant students discover what it’s like to live and learn in a joyful, peaceful community. An orderly atmosphere with smaller class sizes provides the security students need to become efficient learners, engage in meaningful discussions, and explore their unique gifts.

The average 13:1 student-teacher ratio allows our teachers to provide more focused attention to each student. We aim to nurture and disciple students to become thought leaders who impact the world around them.


CCA classical christian educationAn unwavering commitment to safety provides peace of mind for parents.

Security is a top priority on the Covenant campus. Our emergency response team coordinates routine drills to ensure students and staff are prepared for any emergency situation. Beyond physical safety, we closely monitor our students’ social and emotional safety as well. Teachers and coaches participate in lunch, recess, and other breaks to help foster healthy social interaction.


A whole-child approach maximizes potential in and out of the classroom. 

Partnering closely with Christian families, we help students grow in a holistic way, developing the mind, body, and spirit. Covenant students are well-rounded, engaged, and unafraid to try new things. For example, our football players often participate in the Spring Musical. Art students run track. Cheerleaders also participate in choir and worship ensemble. Every student is encouraged to jump in, get involved, and grow.


What CCA Parents Have to Say

Gill, Anna

"Our boys have been well-loved and well-led at CCA. We are so thankful for the teachers and staff who make this a safe place for kids, teaching them with appropriate rigor and planting eternal seeds in them. CCA is a family and has a growing "community" feel; it has become our home away from home!"

- Anna Gill


Explore All The Reasons Why Families Choose Covenant

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