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A School Where Loving Jesus is Normal

Posted by Jane Blume on Jul 1, 2021 10:00:00 AM

a school where prayer happens

I grew up in Washington, the third most unchurched state in the United States at that time. For several years I lived in Moscow, Russia. The prevalent mindset there is that you are born Russian Orthodox, and if you are not Russian Orthodox, you are in a cult.

When my husband and I were deciding where to live eight years ago, one of the high selling points of Texas was that our kids would live in a place where they think being a Christian is normal. A negative factor would be that they think "y'all" is a real word.

Living here and having our kids in private Christian education has fostered in my kids the thought that it is completely normal to be a follower of Jesus. Most people they know pray, read their Bible, and go to church. This environment is a precious gift we intentionally chose to give to our children.  

classical christian school

Recently, I told my seventh-grade Bible students about a cashier I prayed for at Walmart. The girl working the register awkwardly folded her hands, unfolded them, folded them, closed her eyes, and opened them. She didn't know whether she should ring up groceries or stop everything. As I blessed her, she smiled, and afterward, she said that no one in her life has EVER prayed for her. The students gasped in unbelief. "How can that be? I don't understand."

It's a gift for our kids to be growing up in a place where loving Jesus is normal.

CCA is a school rooted in God’s truth. Teachers, parents, and administrators pray for CCA students every day! Being prayed for is a normal part of their school day.

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