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Katie Tuttle

Katie is passionate about spreading God’s love and testifying to His faithfulness. She spent 7 years teaching middle school math in Irving ISD and 3 years teaching at CCA. She currently enjoys serving her family, teaching Jazzercise, and dipping her toe into writing. She is wife to Derek and mother to Robbie and Reese. Katie holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from Texas Christian University and a Master of Education in Administration from Lamar University.

Recent Posts

The Secret Weapon in the Battle for Your Child's Heart

I was teaching 7th-grade math at Covenant Christian Academy. One of my sweet students was struggling with anxiety. How did I know? This amazing school is a small, tight community. I moved up with this group of students after teaching them the...

What CCA Means to the Tuttle Family

One word: Community.

Grit & Grace: Finding Power in Our Weakness

We chose a Classical, Christian, College Preparatory school for many reasons. We chose the rigor, the challenge, and high expectations for our children. We don’t want the easy road for them; we pray they will choose the road less traveled. The road...