The Fine Arts program at Covenant Christian Academy is comprehensive — with diverse offerings in both the visual and performing arts. Arts classes at CCA emphasize that process is as important as product. Because we are a Christian school, we recognize that God is the Creator of all things. And, because we are God's creatures, made in His image, He made us to be creative beings. In fact, we delight in creating. We transcend simply being told what God is like — into actually experiencing a small part of who He is. It is an act of worship.

CCA Fine Arts Virtual Tour-thumbBy exercising our God-given creative gifts, we commune with God in a very special way. By developing skills in music, art, and spoken word, we are able to give expression to our faith and relationship with God on a much deeper level. Further, the development of artistic talents can be used to glorify Him and to bring others to know Him.

Our desire is that our students' understanding of the great works of art integrate with their understanding of all the other disciplines they study while at CCA. In this way, when our students graduate they will be well-equipped to participate in the "Great Conversation," and to enjoy a lifetime of artistic appreciation and expression.

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