Tuition Assistance & Gap Grant


We understand the decision to provide a private school education represents a significant financial investment in a child’s future. We also understand for many families the idea of affording a private school education seems impossible. Our desire is to make it possible for a diverse population of families to enroll their children at Covenant. 

We believe what we do here matters in equipping students for kingdom purposes in college and beyond.  Every empty seat saddens our hearts. We see the evidence of how a Covenant education makes a difference in the future of our students.  Therefore, all families who are concerned they cannot afford CCA’s education for their children are encouraged to apply.

Webinar: 5 Considerations for Affording a Private School in Dallas/Fort Worth

2019-2020 Gap Grant


Gap Grant Guidelines:
  1. Gap Grant awards are based on financial need determined by assessing a family’s ability to pay tuition costs.  A need must be shown to qualify for a grant. Grants are typically limited to 50% of total tuition cost.
  2. Families with students in Pre K through 12th grade are eligible to apply.
  1. For new CCA students, you will not receive an enrollment contract until all admissions and gap grant requirements are fulfilled.  We recommend beginning the admission application process at the same time you are completing your application for gap grant. Doing the applications concurrently will expedite the enrollment process.
  2. For current CCA students, please indicate “Contingent upon Gap Grant” on your signed enrollment contract and remit it to Cindy Richardson with a 1% non-refundable deposit.  Your child’s seat will be held until you receive Gap Grant award notification.
  3. CLICK HERE to apply to FACTS online. FACTS charges a $35 application fee.
  4. Upload all required documents to FACTS as quickly as possible.  Please understand delays in sending in all requested documentation may prevent you from immediate consideration for a Gap Grant.
  5. After review of the FACTS financial report, CCA will notify you if additional supporting documentation is required to complete your application.
  6. Applicants will be notified by email of all award decisions.  CCA reserves the right to approve or deny a Gap Grant to any applicant in accordance with its approved policies and in its sole discretion. The timeline for Gap Grant notification varies each year.
  7. CCA desires to protect your privacy and treats your Gap Grant application and information as confidential. Gap Grant awards are determined by a small committee and no one outside of the committee and the business office knows which families apply. In order to maintain this discretion, we ask for you to assist us by keeping your Gap Grant information (including award amounts) confidential.

We're here to assist you in making a Covenant education possible for your child.

Please contact Joy Hale at  or 817-281-4333 ext. 156 for any questions or concerns.

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