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3 Ways to Keep Your Child Emotionally Safe in the Classroom

Posted by Joy Hale on Aug 16, 2023 3:47:01 AM

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We understand you probably tucked your child into bed last night and then stopped in to check on them one more time before heading to bed yourself. Their safety and wellbeing were your last thoughts of the day and likely some of your first thoughts this morning because they are still young and need your protection and nurturing. It’s certainly something you think about when choosing a school.

We’ve given it a lot of thought, too, and we’ve designed Covenant Christian Academy to be a place where your child is safe, not just physically, but emotionally as well. Students deserve to be in an elementary school environment where they can express their needs and individuality — a place where they can safely belong and develop into the person God has called them to be.

And when there’s emotional safety in the classroom, there’s also engagement, authentic relationship building, and the sense that it’s OK to try learning something new. But how do you know that the school you choose is providing that strong foundation for your child? Look for three things:


Searching for an emotionally safe elementary school experience?

We’re here to help you choose the right school for your family and to show you how your child can thrive in our elementary program. Find all of that and more in our Elementary School Guide.


small classes at CCA


Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes offer more individualized attention and a better understanding of your child’s emotional needs and how to address them. With this level of attention, students feel seen, valued, and supported. All of that enhances your child’s emotional well-being, their willingness to participate in learning, and their self-confidence — for this grade level and for life.

At Covenant Christian Academy, our teacher-student ratio is 15:1 in elementary grades, which allows teachers to get to know each student's unique personality and provide personalized support, both academically and emotionally.


positive culture elementary schoolA Culture Focused on the Positive

Our elementary school participates in the Honorable Character Classroom Management System, which recognizes praiseworthy behavior, reinforces it, and refines it. Because we are building up students and focusing on the positive, our students value kindness and respect. They treat one another with compassion, and they foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork.

On a personal level, this means your child benefits from an entire community of people who believe in them and want the best for them.

CCA elementary classroom - girlA School that Sees the Whole Child

For our teachers, it isn’t enough that your child learns long division. They want to help show your child how to repair divisions among friends.

Our teachers don’t ignore student conflicts. They know all of the students well enough to guide them toward a fair resolution, and they know the Bible well enough to discuss healthy ways to process our emotions. We’re here to remind your child that we can take a deep breath, or pray, or take a short walk to clear our minds before we try again.

On particularly rough days, we reach out to parents so that they can offer a bit of grace at home and remind their child that they can be fully themselves and fully loved — at home and at school.


We’d love to answer any questions you may have.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Steve Turner, Director of Admissions, at (817) 281-4333 to learn more about Covenant Christian Academy and our elementary program.

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