Early Childhood, Elementary & Early Middle School (PreK - 6th Grade)

We believe that art instruction helps students to develop their artistic talents, enhances their sense of self-esteem, and creates joy and beauty for themselves and the community to enjoy.  Our Art program is designed to teach the elements and principles of Art utilizing a vast array of art materials and tools. Students experiment with different art materials to develop visual literacy, technical skills, and provide opportunities for creative expression.

Advanced Middle School (7th - 8th Grades)  

Middle school art builds on earlier art training and explores the elements of art by working in two and three dimensions with a variety of techniques and materials. Students are given the opportunity to develop and expand their own creativity and self-expression.  CCA participates in various art competitions throughout the year and in CCA’s Gallery Night.

High School  (9th - 12th Grades)Pottery Wheel

Studio Art classes in the High School are designed to help students explore their artistic interests and prepare them for college level art classes.

In Introduction to Art, students enhance their technical and aesthetic skills by working experimentally with a wide range of materials such as watercolor, ceramics, acrylic paint, and glass.

After a student has completed the introductory course, he or she may choose classes that are of particular interest. Topics include: Painting, Drawing, Ceramics, Graphic Design, 2D-Mixed Media, and Sculpture.

Senior Art students can choose to take Art IV or AP Art. Both of these classes are designed to help students develop a portfolio demonstrating in-depth technical skills and capabilities in a variety of media. The requirements for the AP class are determined by the college board and are more rigorous. Students work independently on a cohesive body of work that emulates a chosen theme. They are encouraged to connect their individual interests in art to future career development.

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