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Paul Laywell

Paul Laywell has served as CCA science department head since 2006. Under his direction, the science department has worked tirelessly to develop a science curriculum befitting a Christian, classical, college preparatory education by integrating history, philosophy and theology where appropriate in all its courses. Away from school, Paul likes rock climbing, reading about the history of science, catching up with former students and preparing to teach the Bible. He and his wife, D’Ann, have two children: daughter, Carly, and son, Alex.

Recent Posts

What Does Coddling Do to a Child?

According to journalist Greg Lukianoff and social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, a combination of good intentions and bad ideas are preparing members of Gen Z (iGen) for intellectual, emotional, and civic failure. Their joint work, The Coddling of the...

How Students Come to Believe Truth is Subjective

This blog was adapted from a speech given to our high school students in chapel in the fall of 2022.

Twenty-four years ago, during my first few months of teaching in classical education, my colleagues were tossing around confusing terms I'd never...

What Does It Mean to Live with Open Hands

The 2019 Covenant Christian Academy Graduation Commencement Speech:

Headmaster Castello, CCA Board of Trustees, my amazing colleagues, alumni, friends, proud parents and members of the class of 2019, I’m genuinely honored to be with you this...