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The Uncommon Action of a CCA Student

Nurturing a Servant's Heart in Your Teenager

Most teenagers have not honed the ability to see beyond themselves. Katelyn, a rising 9th-grade student at CCA, hopes to challenge that idea by earning her Silver Girl Scout Award through service to her community. 

How to Fuel Your Child’s Passion – A Story of a 2nd Grade Author

Creative, innovative, studious, funny, and bright are all words I would use to describe Trent, a 2nd-grade student at CCA. 

Spring Musical Showcase

Every spring, our school produces a Broadway musical.  It’s a beautiful time of celebrating the talents of our students both on and off the stage.  I am always amazed at the skill level of the students.  The students worked hard all year in...

Memorable CCA Moments of the Last Decade

Reminiscent of traditional British schools, all Covenant Christian Academy students' are divided into houses when they enter Rhetoric School in 9th grade. The four houses are Aequitas (Justice), Fidelitas (Faithfulness), Integritas (Integrity) and...

Why We Don't Have a Prom

When you think back on your school prom, do you have memories of awkwardness, expense, or insecurity? When I went to my prom, I didn’t know how to dance, the music was not even really conducive to dancing, and the whole evening was kind of...