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Things We Have Learned From COVID19

It wasn't supposed to be this way.

Taking A Tree Walk

***This blog was written before we implemented distance learning.  There are not adequate words to describe how much teachers are missing their students. They cannot wait until the time when they can return to campus for tree walks and distance...

Battling a Pandemic: Wisdom from a Hobbit

In J.R.R. Tolkien's classic, The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins is a character who loves peace, quiet, and comfort. He plans his days around the meals he will have and the friends he will see. He hates the unexpected. But somehow one day, the wizard,...

A Hope That Does Not Dissappoint

From the time our lives turned upside down a few weeks ago, we have all engaged in the hope that things will turn out all right, that our lives will return to normal, and that we will survive the disruptions.

The Real Reason Teachers Choose to Teach

My daughter recently asked a room full of women if they remembered what they had for lunch yesterday.  A few hands were raised.  Then she asked if anyone remembered the name of a teacher who made a difference in their life.  Almost every hand...

Surviving The Pandemic At Home with Kids: 5 Tips To Avoid Chaos


Parents - We did it! We officially finished our first week of distance learning with our children. In my house, some things went beautifully, but others were epic fails. It was a roller coaster of happy, sad, success, and failure.

A Letter to My Students in Exile

18 March 2020

To my beloved students in exile:


In Math, Numbers Matter

A CCA math teacher told me a few weeks ago, “You know that people think that the math program at CCA is weak.” To which I was thrilled to reply, “You know, I haven’t heard that once this year!”

How to Afford Private School on a Budget

Every year, thousands of parents pay for private education for their children. They are not all millionaires. Many families paying for private school are middle-income families who are not capable of spending $10,000-$20,000 per child without...

What is Your Mathematical Mindset?

At CCA, we want students and parents to feel confident in doing math. Our math mindset (how we feel about math) affects the way we view our progress and ability. Therefore, a large focus of our math curriculum is our students’ attitudes towards...