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The Real ROI of a Classical Christian Education

What is the value of a Classical Christian Education? This question crosses the mind of every parent who makes the sacrifice to send their child to a private school such as Covenant Christian Academy. Perhaps the honest question is, “What will be...

Happy Two Year Blog Anniversary: Top 10 Blogs

Exactly two years ago today, CCA launched this blog with the desire to equip, educate, and encourage parents.   Since the launch, we have published 130 blog posts which have been viewed over 42,000 times by our audience.  A grandparent recently...

What Kind of Child is CCA's Glory?

When I was a young headmaster, I read Louis Auchincloss’s novel about an old headmaster, Frank Prescott. Having spent his life building a well-respected New England boarding school, The Rector of Justin catches up with Prescott in his declining...

Is the High Cost of Educational Travel Worth It?

$ 4,100 for student educational travel. Twelve days in two countries.

It’s a chunk of money; it means sacrifices and hard decisions for a family.

If this endeavor is so costly, why does CCA promote it? How do we measure the value of the experience

Why Parent Engagement in School Matters


School dramatically shapes a child.

One of the most important choices a parent can make is how they choose to educate their child. Students spend at least seven hours a day in school, not including athletics or fine arts. Schools are not...

What Happens When Teachers Honor Parents

As a school administrator, I observed valuable practices of parents and teachers that profited students’ long-term academic advancement and spiritual growth. The intentional collaboration of parents and teachers form the best possible foundation...

What Happens When Parents Honor Teachers

In 1944, Isidor Isaac Rabi, an American nuclear physicist, won the Noble Peace Prize for his discovery of nuclear magnetic resonance used today in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). When asked who most influenced his life, Isidor said,

The Ramones, Springsteen, and Classical Education

Some of us are old enough to remember the Ramones, the punk rock band that intentionally stripped-down late 70’s rock music in an effort to return what had become of “rock music” to its original forms.

Short songs.

Rebellious lyrics.

Raw guitar...

Making the Most of Senior Year: A Mom’s Point of View

My job at Covenant has a variety of tasks. One of my favorite tasks is what I call “senior parent coordinator.” Early in the school year I host a senior parent meeting to discuss the details of the year, which include events, expenses, and...

Opportunity to Learn Engineering Technology on a Solar Car Team


2019 marked the 3rd year for CCA to field a solar car team in the Solar Car Challenge, which is the premier national solar car competition for high schools founded in 1995. Solar cars competing in the Solar Car Challenge are designed,...