Building Our Strategic Athletic Facilities

God allowed Daniel to be taken from his home in Jerusalem as a teenager. In a far off land, he remained faithful to God, even while giving prophetic council to foreign rulers. One of Daniel’s most fervent prayers was that God would remember Jerusalem and His people, bringing them home. Much like Moses, God showed Daniel the homecoming that would occur, but he did not get to experience it personally. At many points of history, God has blessed His people with a place to call home, from great cities like Jerusalem to homes like that of Priscilla and Aquila. God has given CCA a wonderful home, but we are praying He will allow us to do more at home.

Bring it Home.jpgCCA was in existence for two decades before having a home of our own. Over the last nineteen years, we have conducted four capital campaigns to build our current campus. Raising more than fourteen million dollars has allowed us to purchase our property, expand and remodel Westminster, and build Redeemer Hall, Nissi Hall, and Jireh Hall. All of our past campaigns and projects have been focused on academic buildings. We were able to facilitate our indoor sports and fine arts programs in these buildings whereas our outdoor sports programs have received the least attention. The focus of this campaign is to bring our teams home!


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