CCA TX middle school techBy the time students reach fifth grade, they are ready to become more independent, think critically about what they are learning, and embrace a variety of new social opportunities. It’s a season of growth and change that — in the right environment — equips students for success in high school and beyond. As a parent, you want to be intentional about what your child learns, and how your child learns, during this formative season of life. 

Covenant Christian Academy is the only private middle school program in Colleyville, TX, that uses a Classical approach to help students thrive academically, develop leadership skills, and deepen their walk with the Lord. As pre-teens discover their God-given interests and talents, we provide a wide range of extracurricular activities and real-world learning experiences to equip them for the opportunities ahead.




Why Do Families Choose CCA?


A Thoughtfully Designed Middle School Program

We believe middle school is more than a bridge between elementary and high school. Our program is intentionally split into two divisions, which helps us make the most of each child’s developmental stage.

  • Early Middle School: Grades 5 and 6 gradually transition out of elementary school. They still have a homeroom teacher, but rotate between five additional teachers for core subjects, as well as enrichment teachers for fine arts, athletics, and technology. They also use lockers and begin to manage their own time and school supplies.
  • Advanced Middle School: In grades 7 and 8, students rise to the challenge of greater independence as they follow a schedule similar to our High School program. They will rotate to different buildings throughout the day, managing their time and coursework as they prepare for a modified final exam schedule each semester.

A Close-Knit Community

Middle school students desire a sense of belonging and easily find the community they crave at Covenant. Class sizes are kept small to allow for teacher mentoring and peer discussion. We foster a positive culture where honorable character is praised, and students are compelled to respect themselves, and one another, as they model biblical values.CCA middle school student

Leadership Programs

Middle school is the prime time to develop leadership skills. We provide a variety of opportunities for students, including:

  • Student Ambassador Program
  • Student Council
  • National Junior Honor Society
  • Academic Competitions
  • Athletics and Fine Arts
  • Community Service Projects

Thought Training

If we want our students to thrive in an ever-changing world, we must train them to think for themselves. The Middle School curriculum has a heavy emphasis on reasoning and critical thinking. Teachers across all subjects integrate this into their curriculum through meaningful discussion. Students take a formal logic class in eighth grade to further develop critical thinking skills.

Opportunities to Explore Their Emerging Gifts

We offer a wide range of electives, clubs, and extracurricular activities for middle school students. Students explore Art, Applied Technology, Drama, Strings, and Choir, and may participate in various athletic opportunities. Parent-coached sports are available through sixth grade, with 15 school-sponsored teams beginning in seventh grade. New facilities include a turf field for football and soccer, a competition baseball field, a weight room, and two full-size gymnasiums.

Words from a Parent

“Our family is forever grateful that the Lord led us to Covenant Christian Ac0F7A4339ademy. There’s no other place I’d rather my son be during these crucial teenage years. CCA works alongside us in growing his faith, encouraging strong morals and values and holding him accountable so that he may grow into an amazing man of God.”  — Brooke Barker, mom of three CCA students



Meet Our Middle School Principal

ca-l-Niemeyer-DSC_0008-00284Mr. Travis Niemeyer, Middle School Principal
Master's in Business Administration/Marketing
Bachelor's in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Years in education: 19 years

Mr. Niemeyer is passionate about helping middle school students thrive academically as they discover God’s purpose for their lives. When he’s not on campus, he’s likely hiking, camping, playing disc golf, reading or spending time with his family. Mr. Niemeyer and his wife Michelle have three sons: Austin, Asher, and Anderson.

Schedule a Tour at Covenant Christian Academy

We invite you and your middle schooler to join us for a tour! This is an exciting chance to meet our staff, learn more about our curriculum, and explore all the opportunities available on our campus.