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How To Really Help Your Kids Grow in Character

Tom Landry, the former legendary coach of the Dallas Cowboys, struggled to find success during the team's first six winless years in the NFL. Coach Landry was known for engineering innovative formations. Yet, a little-known story about Landry...

A Math Teacher with a Kingdom Purpose

Not long ago, the CCA leadership team asked teachers, “Why do you want to teach?”. I was busy teaching (and still am). Therefore, I did not respond. Perhaps, like Martin Luther would say, “I don’t have time to write a short letter.” Now, with my...

There is No Such Thing as Neutral Education

“Going to school feels like watching a rated R movie every day.”  quote from a Christian, public, junior-high student

Reasons to Get Excited for the New School Year

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Back-to-School time!

The transition from summer to school is one of my favorite times of the year. Every last moment of the summer gets a little bit sweeter. I treasure every splash in the pool and every unscheduled...

A School Where Loving Jesus is Normal

I grew up in Washington, the third most unchurched state in the United States at that time. For several years I lived in Moscow, Russia. The prevalent mindset there is that you are born Russian Orthodox, and if you are not Russian Orthodox, you are...

Why Christian Classical Students Thrived During COVID

Christian classical students were prepared to thrive during COVID.

CCA Graduates are Ready to Thrive in College

It might surprise you to learn the top job skills Google looks for in job candidates.  The most sought-after job skills have nothing to do with technology. 

Things High School Teachers Wish Parents Knew

Sometimes parents feel teachers only communicate to them when their child is in trouble. Sometimes teachers feel like parents don't respect the decisions they are making in the classroom. Sometimes there is tension between parents and teachers and...

How a School Mitigated the Impact of COVID for Families

The greatness of community is most accurately measured by the compassionate action of its members. Coretta Scott King

In March of 2020, my daughter and I somberly walked the halls of her high school. The silence was deafening. Normally these halls...

A Headmaster Shares Thoughts on Thankfulness

When accepting the call to serve as Headmaster for Covenant Christian Academy last year, I had no idea of the pandemic storm about to hit the world and educational institutions. More than ever the struggles of the past year have clarified why I...