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Why Christian Classical Students Thrived During COVID

Posted by Joy Hale on Jun 21, 2021 10:10:36 AM

classical students have an advantage

Christian classical students were prepared to thrive during COVID.

When compared to students in public and even other types of private schools, Keith McCurdy, a professional counselor who has worked with families for over 30 years, believes students in classical Christian schools have a more sturdy, healthy perspective. Classical students understand happiness is not rooted in circumstances, but in truth. 

Keith was recently a guest on the Basecamp Live Podcast.  Keith joined the host of Basecamp Live to discuss the impact of COVID on our habits and attitudes.  Click here if you would like to hear Keith talk about the differences between how public, private, and classical Christian students navigated COVID. Most of this conversation occurs at the 23-minute mark. It is worth your time to listen. 


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