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The Ideal School for Academics, Athletes, and Artists

Posted by Joy Hale on Feb 1, 2022 10:00:00 AM
CCA Basketball Player Gage
Art education is proven to foster creativity, confidence, and critical thinking in students as well as boost their academic achievement. Unfortunately, budget pressures and an increased focus on standardized testing have diminished art education in many schools over the past few decades. In addition, many schools' competitiveness in athletics and fine arts has excluded students from participating across disciplines. This is not the case at Covenant Christian Academy.

well rounded educationCCA Soccer Player Abby 

A CCA education is unlike any other. CCA students are not forced to choose between academics, athletics, and the arts. Instead, they are given the uncommon opportunity to participate fully in all areas. A CCA football player develops deeper confidence when he perseveres on the football field. He then takes the grit developed on the football field into the classroom as he wrestles with complex math concepts and then onto the musical stage as he works out complicated choreography. A student can be an academic, an athlete, and an artist. A well-rounded education helps students reach their full potential.

IMG_3299CCA Football, Basketball, and Baseball Player Matthew

Please enjoy these beautiful images of CCA’s 8th-grade art and 3D Design classes creating pottery.

pottery wheel lessons



CCA Football, Soccer, and Track Player Micah

CCA  Football, Baseball, Cross Country, and Track Athletes



playing football and singing in the musical


God is the ultimate creator of the universe.

We are made in His image. 

When practicing the ancient art of pottery, we feel His joy.  


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