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Things High School Teachers Wish Parents Knew

Posted by Joy Hale on May 2, 2021 10:52:00 AM

high school teachers

Sometimes parents feel teachers only communicate to them when their child is in trouble.  Sometimes teachers feel like parents don't respect the decisions they are making in the classroom.  Sometimes there is tension between parents and teachers and it can feel like they are on different teams with incompatible agendas.

This could not be further from the truth. The truth is parents and teachers are on the same team.

They both care deeply about laying a strong biblical foundation, academic excellence, and both exceedingly enjoy getting to know whom God has uniquely made each child to be. This was evident in teacher responses when we asked them why parents should enroll their children in rhetoric school.

  1. We love your teens! We want to lovingly lead them and build strong relationships.
  2. We deeply care about your children. We believe one of our primary roles is to mentor your children, to see your children changed, transformed, to strengthen their souls.
  3. We firmly believe our purpose is to be transformational, not transactional.
  4. We are committed to challenging your children to grow academically, to lovingly stretch, and push them to see how very much they can accomplish. To thoroughly prepare them not just to gain entrance into a good college but even more importantly, to thrive and be successful both spiritually and academically once in college.
  5. We believe we are in a sacred partnership and covenant with our families to ensure children accomplish excellence in their studies and activities so that they will be prepared for whatever God calls them to do.

    parents and teachers working together

  6. We believe a critical part of our job is to mentor your children---to know them as individuals, to pray for them, to cry with them, to reach out and connect, to hope that in five years we will be sharing a cup of coffee with them at Starbucks!
  7. We are committed to not only teaching them academics but also teaching them life skills to help them adapt to a rapidly changing world and to enable them to have the wisdom and character to navigate such a world successfully.
  8. We want our students to leave CCA prepared to stand firmly for Christ and to live lives marked by love, grace, truth, and obedience. Our students' spiritual training is a huge part of our job.
  9. We are committed to being sensitive and showing empathy as it relates to their busy lives and activities and taking these items into account when we schedule homework, tests, and papers.
  10. We work together with the administration to create a school that allows our students to create friendships that will last a lifetime and support CCA's commitment to producing well-rounded graduates.

Parents want a loving, Christlike, disciplined, academic school environment where children can thrive. Teachers want to partner with parents to provide this environment.  Parents and teachers are wearing the same team jersey.  They have a common goal of providing the best education environment for every child.

parent and teacher partnership

No school can work well for children if parents and teachers do not act in partnership on behalf of the children's best interests.  Dorothy H. Cohen 

What Happens When Parents Honor Teachers

What Happens When Teachers Honor Parents

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