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What CCA Means to the Fishpaw Family

Posted by Kim Fishpaw on Feb 16, 2021 9:00:00 AM

i am so thankful for my school

When asked to write a blog about what CCA means to me, my first instinct was to reply and say, “goodness no, not me, surely there is someone else who is more qualified?” But, as quick as I heard those words in my mind, I felt God speaking to my heart, and I have learned, when He speaks, to listen and rise to the task He places before me. Instead of what is comfortable for me, I slowly but surely try to follow His lead, and it always brings personal growth and a stronger relationship with Him along the way.

We came to Covenant Christian Academy almost three years ago. It was an unforeseen move and not one I had ever even considered until I heard God speaking to my heart and calling my family to make a change. I have to be honest; I didn’t want to leave our safe, comfortable routine. I wanted us to stay put, right where we were, where everything was known, and our days were seamless. After many nights, on bended knee, we received God’s confirmation and enrolled our girls. My mind raced with all sorts of questions:  Will our girls warm up to the idea of change and settle in? Will they make friends? Will I make friends? Gasp… will they sit alone at the lunch table? On their first day, I prayed all day. I asked God to shadow them, to hold them close, and help them feel His presence. When I picked them up, they had both had a great day, and neither sat alone at the lunch table! So many prayers were answered that day!

finding a school you can call home

Many days have come and gone since that first day when our girls hopped out of the car and walked through the doors to start their journey at Covenant. Looking back, it didn’t take long to know answering God’s call would become one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Now, I pick my girls up each day greeted with smiles and fun stories about their day. I watch them study and mature academically, face challenges while seeking God’s wisdom, develop meaningful and close friendships, have fun, and most of all grow in their spiritual lives. What a blessing!

reasons i love my school

So, what is CCA to me? It’s so many things! It’s a soft-landing place, a place that welcomed us with open arms. It is a place that has given me and my girls precious friendships rooted in faith. It’s a place where teachers have loved our girls and our family and prayed alongside us in difficult times. It’s a place where friends wave and get out of their cars to hug you. It’s a place where other families take your kids in and treat them as their own, a place where kindness, compassion, and love abound. Covenant is a solid foundation for all who walk its grounds.

I am so thankful God asked us to move in faith. I am grateful He brought us to this place. Quite simply, Covenant is home.

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