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Gentle and Lowly in Heart

Posted by Ashley Walker on Nov 3, 2020 4:40:00 PM

being kind and gentle like Jesus

In today’s social and political climate, we as Christians have the prime opportunity to model the heart of Jesus to our children, community, and our CCA family. Jesus tells us about His heart in Matthew 11:29

“…for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

He tells us He is gentle and lowly.  In other words, He’s kind, tender, compassionate, and humble. In this divisive time we live in, it’s tempting to feel the need to shout, quarrel, shame one another, and argue our side. Jesus did much the opposite in that He gave His life for people who deeply disagreed with Him. Are we as Christians, responding with gentle and lowly hearts when we get pulled into difficult conversations, when we don’t understand the reasoning for a decision being made, when we are having a conversation about politics…?

Not only is our community looking to us, but our children are as well. Do they see us modeling grace and trust, or are we letting the anxieties that come from uncertainty rule our emotions and responses? When I feel out of control, I tend to act out of control!

2020 certainly has reminded us Who is REALLY in control!

When my children are fretting, fighting, and when emotions are rising, it’s tempting to raise my voice and lose my temper right along with them. When I get down on their level, lower my tone of voice, and respond with gentleness and compassion, it always helps diffuse the situation.

Jesus wants us to come to Him, exactly as we are, so we can learn to be like Him and therefore like His Father. Has there ever been a better time to be discipled by the Lord and allow His gentleness and compassion to make us more gentle and compassionate? Here is our chance to see people in their humanity, many who have been dealt many hard things this year, and to choose to be the ones who love first, listen with empathy, and humble ourselves in their service.

modeling kindness for our children

Instead of arguing about our different opinions – much like the Pharisees – let’s model our Savior. After all, it’s God’s kindness that leads us to repentance.


Lord, We thank you for being a compassionate and gracious Savior. We want to model your gentle and lowly heart in our hurting world. Fill us with more of You and help us remember that you are the calm in the storm and are always in control. May we model the goodness of our Savior to our community! Amen!

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