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Back to School Excitement: New Beginnings

Posted by Joy Hale on Aug 8, 2023 10:16:00 AM

back to school excitement

Our God is a God of new beginnings. God knew we would wander from our callings, get weary, and be disordered, so He gave us seasons for resets and new beginnings. Back to school is one of my favorite reset seasons and a time filled with great anticipation and hope for all the new things God will do in the new school year.

See I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:19

And while summer break was enjoyable, we miss seeing you and your children on campus. It is not the same without you! There is nothing like the joy of seeing families and students on campus after a summer break. Paul repeatedly writes in the New Testament about the longing to see his people face to face. Similarly, John writes in his letters about his joy being complete when he can see believers face to face. There is a richness involved in taking a Sabbath rest from relationships for the summer. When we return to see each other face to face, it is a delightful experience.

Our staff and faculty are just as excited as I am for the new school year. Here are some of their thoughts and excitement for the school year.


reasons to get excited to go back to school

"Welcome back! The love, friendship, and joy we all have in seeing one another is just a small foretaste of the joy we will experience in heaven. What an honor, blessing, and privilege it is to be a part of the CCA community. CCA has become a spiritual oasis in the middle of a cultural desert. It is a place where we believe that the Bible is God’s authoritative, infallible, inerrant, and inspired Word. We are grateful for our salvation and His continued blessings on our lives and our school. Great is His faithfulness." Dr. Tony Jeffrey- Headmaster


"I get excited about the school year because as Pre-K3 is the entrance point to CCA, I do not have any idea who is coming.  I start praying for the students and families long before school ever ends the prior year.  It is always such a special moment for me on Parent Night to welcome them, look each of them in the face, and tell them I have been praying for them and anxiously awaiting meeting them and their children.  It tears me up every time!"  Denise Perona-Pre-K3 teacher

why teachers love back to school

"I love school! Especially the beginning! I love the smell of new school supplies, I love the planning, I love newly decorated classrooms and bulletin boards, I love seeing the excitement on the faces of the teachers…but most of all, I love seeing the bright smiles, eager eyes, and hearing the joyful laughter of all the students! The new school year holds great adventures for all of us and I can’t wait to see God’s plan unfold right before us!" Myrandi Ballesteros – Early Childhood and Elementary School Principal


"Each school year, I look forward to getting to know my new students and families. I love teaching students about the love of Jesus. I’m excited to create our class family and begin to learn and grow together this year!" Michelle Niemeyer – Kindergarten Teacher

why i love back to school season

"As the principal of CCA Middle School, I am so excited to see all our kids back on campus, meeting a new group of 5th graders, and working together to make this year The GREATEST year ever! As a dad, I am also excited to have both of my boys in middle school this year."  Travis Niemeyer – Middle School Principal


"The start of a new year is like a new piece of clay or a blank canvas just waiting to be turned into something good, true, and beautiful. While I love teaching students about art, I truly love to encourage them to tap into their creative talents that demonstrate the true nature of God. We worship our God when we follow Him." Carina Covington – High School Art Teacher

back to school fun

"I am so excited for this school year because I have seen God’s hand of provision for this school time and time again over the past few years. God’s faithfulness in the past has me in incredible anticipation about what He’s going to do this year!" Kyle Wilson – High School Bible Teacher


"As the new school year approaches, I am filled with a sense of expectancy. I know God is with us and this year will mean new opportunities for our students. New ways to learn, new ways to grow, new ways to mature, and new opportunities for God to reveal himself to them. His goodness abounds to them and it is a blessing to be in a place where we can see that happening each day." Amy Pryor-High School Principal

back to school blessings

"I am always most excited about reading old, familiar books and yet from them, learning new things, seeing new perspectives, and growing more appreciative of the gift God has given us through literature. I hope this year our faculty and students find greater rest in the goodness of the Lord, and that we would rely less on our own strength and abilities and more on Him." Victoria Wimmer-High School English History Teacher

It's such an exciting time of year. We cannot wait for our parking lots and hallways to be bustling with students.  Happy Back to School!!!

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