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John Rutherford

John Rutherford fell in love with classical Christian education 20 years ago and has not stopped thinking about it since. He is married to his wife, Jennifer, and is the father to three boys who never seem to stop eating. This is John's 11th year at Covenant, serving both as the Academic Dean and Director of Latin.

Recent Posts

Portrait of a Graduate

Many an artist has come to the canvas with a distinct image in their mind. It is this image they want the world to see. In the same way, we have particular outcomes in mind for each student that we believe the world will see as a result of going...

Why Understanding the Purpose of Man Matters in Education

One day a man hears some rustling behind his shed and decides to investigate. He peeks around the corner and observes his son with three items: a board, a nail, and a watch. This combination of items perplexes the father, so he decides to watch...