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Portrait of a Graduate

Posted by John Rutherford on Jan 15, 2019 9:16:00 AM

what to expect from a covenant education

Many an artist has come to the canvas with a distinct image in their mind. It is this image they want the world to see. In the same way, we have particular outcomes in mind for each student that we believe the world will see as a result of going through Covenant’s program. The curricula students ponder and the discipleship they receive through the interaction with their teachers will make a distinct and lasting impression on them. Here is the portrait we believe your student will resemble if they faithfully walk through Covenant’s course of study. 

 Your students will:

1.  Exemplify the Image of God to the World

Because God has made us and places us under obligation to love and serve him, this education will chisel away at your student to make them better versions of themselves. Through God’s work in them at Covenant, whether it be academic, athletic, artistic, or relational, they will understand the value of doing hard things and doing them well. The world will see what it means to be fully human through God’s work in them.

2.  Love God

Your student will see his or her chief business is to know God and make Him known. Once they recognize this, they will understand they now play a part in God’s dramatic attempt to make the world right again by announcing the supremacy of the Christ wherever God leads them.

3.  Love Others

Students have a variety of opportunities to serve at Covenant. It is our hope through this that they will love others as Christ has loved them and brought them into his family, even those different from them.

4.  Love Truth

C. S. Lewis said, “I believe in Christianity as I believe the Sun has risen, not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” The course of study at Covenant allows students to see the world and all things in it as God sees them.

what you get from a covenant education

5.  Love Learning

A Covenant education not only gives students an appreciation and recognition of what is good, true, and beautiful, it gives students the tools and capacities to learn new things in any setting God places them. It sets them on a course for a lifelong pursuit of learning and wonder as they understand and experience the wonder of God’s creation.

6.  Employ the Gift of Rhetoric

It is not enough to know the truth about the world and not be able to share it with others in a winsome and persuasive fashion. Covenant teaches students how to share their voice in a variety of forms and with whatever audience God brings their way.

7.  Embody a Life of Virtue

Students will understand God calls them to live differently. This education teaches them how to live virtuously whether they are a student, or son, or daughter, or father, or mother, or sister, or brother, or friend, or colleague.

A Covenant education will shape the soul and refine the skills of your children, and allow them to be kingdom minded citizens in God’s good world.

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