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Chuck Evans

Chuck Evans is a senior partner of Better Schools LLC . A former head of schools in Virginia and Texas, Chuck Evans has been serving independent schools as a teacher, leader, and consultant for more than twenty-five years. As a consultant, he has worked with dozens of schools since 2006, leading strategic and financial planning processes and major program expansion projects. He has worked as a lobbyist in the Texas State Legislature, a certified mediator, and is a founding board member of the Council on Educational Standards and Accountability (CESA).

Recent Posts

In Math, Numbers Matter

A CCA math teacher told me a few weeks ago, “You know that people think that the math program at CCA is weak.” To which I was thrilled to reply, “You know, I haven’t heard that once this year!”

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

For about three days over the Thanksgiving break, I thought about Mr. Rogers. Actually, I obsessed over him—couldn’t get him off of my mind.

What Kind of Child is CCA's Glory?

When I was a young headmaster, I read Louis Auchincloss’s novel about an old headmaster, Frank Prescott. Having spent his life building a well-respected New England boarding school, The Rector of Justin catches up with Prescott in his declining...

The Ramones, Springsteen, and Classical Education

Some of us are old enough to remember the Ramones, the punk rock band that intentionally stripped-down late 70’s rock music in an effort to return what had become of “rock music” to its original forms.

Short songs.

Rebellious lyrics.

Raw guitar and...

Being an Elite School-Minus the Snooty

Classical Christian schools are sometimes accused of being, to use a sophisticated term: snooty. Latin and Greek names for everything, Socratic dialogue, uniforms, Cotillion, a spring formal instead of a prom… An outsider might conclude the people...

Why It's Okay to Be Late Sometimes

According to the Internet test prep site Magoosh:

“Eighty-six percent of high school students said they procrastinate on assignments. In college, that number goes up slightly to 88 percent. College males are the worst procrastinators – a whopping 92...

The Wonder of a Classical Christian School

Today was the first day for all of the faculty and staff to be back on campus together. After some time of prayer, conversation, and encouragement in the morning, each school went to its respective division meetings: Pre-Grammar and Grammar,...

Why Classical Education Works?

My daughter texted me the other day from UT-Austin with this question: “Should I take Latin or stick with Spanish”? She’s a sophomore psychology major who wants to be an FBI agent some day, and after a few moments of wrestling with my...

What Exactly Does an Interim Headmaster Do?

I first met Keith Castello when I was the Head of School at Regents School of Austin. He had only recently begun his career as Headmaster at CCA. We worked together in those early years to build the Texas Consortium of Classical Christian Schools...