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Sheila McDoniel

Sheila McDoniel
Sheila McDoniel and her family have been a part of the CCA family since 2002. Her oldest son, Reagan, graduated in 2015. Her daughter, Maci, is in 12th grade and son, Spencer is in 9th grade. After volunteering and leading CCA auctions for 9 years, Sheila came on staff to help promote the school that has played such an important role in the life of their family. In her free time, she enjoys passionately cheering on her children in whatever sport they are playing at the time.

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Staying Connected During a COVID-19 Christmas

This year has brought so many frustrations, canceled plans, and disappointments. I’ve been disappointed not to be with family members during this holiday season due to concerns regarding exposure to COVID-19.

Covenant Cheerleaders Snatch State Championship

Thirteen girls.

The thirteen come to the mat with all different levels of experience. Some have participated in gymnastics or competitive cheer since they could walk. Some have cheered since Junior High. Some have never cheered at all.