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Scott Friedman

Scott Friedman is a God loving, 27 years and counting married (to Miki) proud father of a 22 year old son (Brooks) and 24 year old daughter (Mackenzie). A sports fanatic to this day, Scott found his passion in coaching youth sports; from basketball, baseball, football, soccer, softball, and water skiing. Scott discovered a common thread to success in each sport he played or coached; "H2B2" [Head 2 Heart 2 Body's Best ] - In any relationship, you must impact the Head first in order 2 get 2 the Heart in order 2 get the Body 2 perform at it's Best (which get's the Head to perform at it's best and the continuous cycle of improvement is put in place)". This philosophy was equally successful at the YMCA, city recreational, select and High School Varsity levels; winning league, local to international tournaments as well as select's highest divisions and national championships (a state championship is his next goal to complete his lifetime grand slam, having been state runner up 3 times). Scott is equally proud of the dozen+ collegiate athletes he had the honor of mentoring and coaching to that level (including his son in soccer) to the 1,000+ young men and women through God's will and via his teaching through sports, have become the best they can be in all that they do. Scott, now entering his 20th year in coaching, is the Head of the Soccer Program (elementary, middle and high school) and Varsity Ladies Head Soccer Coach for Covenant Christian Academy in Colleyville, TX.

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