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Kathi McCord

Kathi McCord began her career at CCA in 1983, teaching first and second grade. Talk about a learning curve--her undergrad degree is in Secondary Education! After moving to Logic grades for a number of years, where she taught history, Spanish, and English, she began teaching Rhetoric school Humanities in 2004. She retired from full-time teaching in 2020 but continues to substitute teach at CCA.

Recent Posts

How To Thank a Wonderful Teacher?

Before I taught at CCA, I was Assistant Director of the Medical Records Department at Methodist Central Hospital in Dallas. I attended management classes taught by a retired high school principal, and after one of these classes, he asked me when I...

A Hope That Does Not Dissappoint

From the time our lives turned upside down a few weeks ago, we have all engaged in the hope that things will turn out all right, that our lives will return to normal, and that we will survive the disruptions.