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The Real Reason Teachers Choose to Teach

Posted by Joy Hale on Apr 3, 2020 9:14:01 AM

why i choose to teach

My daughter recently asked a room full of women if they remembered what they had for lunch yesterday.  A few hands were raised.  Then she asked if anyone remembered the name of a teacher who made a difference in their life.  Almost every hand went up.  

Teachers truly make a remarkable difference in the lives of students.

Why do you teach?

This is the question I posed to CCA teachers earlier this year.  Here are their heartfelt and honest responses.  

  • I teach because these kids are my family and bouquets of brand new sharpened pencils still make me smile.  (Allyson Brabon-5th Grade Math)

  • I teach because it brings me joy, and I believe my students are made in God's image and full of untapped potential that can only come to fruition through sound instruction. (Amy Pryor-7th & 8th Grade English)

  • I teach because I love children. I believe it is what God has called me to do and for that, I am thankful. Getting to help children discover God’s hand in every subject is the best job in the world.  (Amy Turner -2nd Grade)

  • Teaching art is one of the most fulfilling things I've ever had the privilege of doing. I find great pleasure in loving and encouraging students, having fun with them, and teaching them who God is through the creative lens of art.  (Anna Gill- Art)

  • I teach because it is what God has called me to do! Being a teacher is more than teaching book knowledge; it’s also about reaching kids’ hearts and helping them see their full (sometimes untapped) potential.  Students are the lifeblood of any school and I love being where there is life! (Ashley Groff-Yearbook)

  • I teach because my teachers helped instill a lifelong desire to learn and I hope to do the same for my students!  (Claire McCarthy-PreK-4 Year Olds)

  • I teach in Christian education because I love to encourage and exhort young people in their knowledge and passion for the job is a ministry that impacts eternity.  I teach because I feel that I have a small part in creating WHO the students will turn out to be; I am investing in our future. (Claudia Lankenau-6th Grade Language Arts)

  • I teach because I love teenagers and want to share the wonder of what God has created through the study of math. (Kristin Smith-Math Department Head)

  • I teach because I love children.  I love the light bulb moment when they realize they can read the book. I also love the hugs, kids give the best hugs!  (Michelle Niemeyer-Kindergarten)

  • I teach because I like to love and be loved, and no one loves more easily than a child. (Pamela Snider-2nd Grade)

  • I teach science because it affords the opportunity to talk with students about far more important things- ultimate things.  Isaiah 1:18 says, "Come now and let us reason together."  I believe teaching in a Christian school provides students and teachers the best opportunity to reason matters of heart, soul and mind. I am passionate about providing students the opportunity to develop spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. (Paul Laywell-Science Department Head)

  • The biggest reason I teach is because I love children.  I also enjoy building relationships with their parents.  I am truly blessed. (Denise Perona-PreK-3 Year Olds)

  • Teaching is a great opportunity to help the students see the gospel message in different ways.  As a Bible teacher, I am able to share the gospel message normally, but I am also able to have the students do assignments that have them see the same message in a different way.  For example, I have the students write, illustrate, and bind a children's book that revolves around the gospel message of Jesus.  The kids are super creative, and as a result, they tend to see the gospel in a way they have never seen before.  (Rob McIlhaney-Logic Bible)

  •  I teach because I love the looks on the students' faces when they are proud of their artwork. I teach because I get to see how each student is uniquely gifted and talented. They are all given the same art objectives, but the results are different and it's the best!  I love my job! (Shelley Smith-Art)

  • I wanted to become a teacher because I have a passion for music and teaching. I wanted to share my love of music with students. Music has the potential to change a mood, shift an atmosphere, and encourage a better behavior. Music can also help some people better deal with anxiety. The tradition of making music needs to be preserved and handed on from generation to generation. My students are the reason I get up early every morning to teach, and I am forever grateful that God chose me to be a teacher! (Silke Holdys-Strings)

  • I teach because I love science and it brings me joy to see students take an interest in the topic.  I live for those "I get it" moments.  I love the opportunity to not only teach, but direct and guide students in character and development.  Taking part in the life God has planned for the students brings happiness to my life.  (Teddi Miller-5th & 6th Grade Science)

It is overwhelmingly evident by these responses that teachers love to teach because they love your children.  The one thing teachers have consistently communicated about our current state of Covid-19 distance learning journey is that they miss being in the classroom with your children.  They cannot wait to get back to teaching face to face.

In honor of Teacher Appreciation week, please take a moment to bless a teacher today.  You or your child can send an email or text to a special teacher in your child’s life or spend a few minutes as a family lifting up a teacher in prayer.

why teachers teach


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