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Why Parent Engagement in School Matters

Posted by Joy Hale on Oct 22, 2019 10:44:22 AM


the importance of parent involvement in school

School dramatically shapes a child.

One of the most important choices a parent can make is how they choose to educate their child. Students spend at least seven hours a day in school, not including athletics or fine arts. Schools are not neutral environments; they help shape the character of our children.

Once the path of education is decided, it is equally important for a parent to engage with the school. Research shows that students with involved parents earn higher grades and test scores, demonstrate better behaviors, and exhibit advanced social skills. At the current pace of family life, it can be difficult for some parents to engage with their child’s school. One simple way to stay involved is to just show up. Whether it be a sporting event or a fine arts performance, pick a passion and show up. A simple presence at school events will naturally create connections with other parents and school faculty, fostering engagement in the school.

This year along with traditional school events, CCA is offering a Parent Engagement Series. This series includes sessions reviewing CCA’s curricular experience while providing answers to questions parents consistently ask. The sessions will allow parents to spend time with the teachers who are shaping their children. The sessions are mostly informal, conversational, and designed to be no more than forty-five minutes each.

In addition to other calendar events, the Parent Engagement Series is an easy way for parents to show up and engage in CCA.

Sessions are offered in both the morning and evening.

We would love to have CCA parents join us as we help parents engage in all the beautiful things happening in the classrooms with their children.

Parent Involvement at School

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