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Why Kindergarten Choice Matters?

Posted by Joy Hale on Apr 1, 2022 10:42:30 AM

Your house is showing signs of foundation problems. There are cracks in the walls, and the doors are not closing correctly. Not exactly the things you want to see when you are a homeowner. Foundation repairs are costly and messy. A strong home foundation is vital to keeping a house stable for years to come.

why kinder choice matters

Similar to the foundation of a house, the strong foundation of a solid kindergarten program is vital for future learning. A poor start in early education has lingering negative consequences. If a child gets behind, it isn't easy to catch up. For example, if a child is a poor reader in early education, they are 90% more likely to continue to struggle with reading in later grades. Kindergarten school choice is a critical decision for solid school success. Early childhood success directly correlates to the experiences a child receives in a quality, early education program like CCA.

Here are a few reasons why CCA's kindergarten program is the premier choice.

Bible Stories Coming alive for Kinder

Learning Bible stories and memorizing scripture has eternal value.

Giving children a solid biblical foundation of truth is imperative to a child's healthy spiritual and mental development. Thanks to the movement to remove God from the public education system in America, children ultimately learn that "God is irrelevant, morals are relative, and truth is subjective" (Shaping Hearts and Minds by Monica and Dr. Shawn Whatley). In a CCA classroom, we are planting biblical truth in children's hearts from the start of their educational journey. Studies have shown the most faith-shaping years are between two and six years old. It is during these years children form their ideas about God. Make the most of these early childhood years by putting your child in an environment where faith seeds are daily planted in their hearts and minds.

community in kindergarten

Community and friendships begin in early childhood for children, as well as for families.

God created us to live in community where we learn, pray, and break bread together. We celebrate with each other and carry each other's burdens. At CCA, we live in fellowship with other believers. This begins in the early childhood classroom and at social events like athletics and fine arts events. The friendship and community deepen every year and culminates with families celebrating graduation together senior year.

solid math curriculum

Solid foundations are set in core curriculum areas such as Reading and Math.

Strong reading and math skills learned during kindergarten are foundational to children's future educational success. In addition, the literacy level in early childhood correlates to emotional and intellectual development and a person's ability to achieve success in adulthood. CCA's curriculum is well-planned and comprehensive. Lessons are taught through multi-sensory activities in a fun and appealing environment stimulating growth and learning.

Where your child goes to school really does matter.

God knows your child and the plans He has for their future. So ask God to guide your heart and mind to the place that is the best fit for your child and family.

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