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Two CCA Seniors Commended in National Merit Scholarship Program

Posted by Joy Hale on Jan 6, 2023 9:51:20 AM

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Every year, approximately 1.7 million students across the country take the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT).  Students who score in the top 3-4% are named Commended Scholars.  This commendation looks great to college admission offices and qualifies the students for additional scholarships. Congratulations to our very own CCA seniors, Tyler Cox and Sebastian Sandoval, for earning a National Merit Commendation.

commended for national merit scholarship

Here is what Tyler Cox had to say about herself and her experience as a CCA student: 

Q:  What is one thing that can instantly make your day better?

A:  One thing that can instantly make my day better is being greeted by my dog, Lucy, when I get home

Q:  What is your favorite co-curricular activity?

A:  My favorite co-curricular activity is cheerleading.  Being captain of the cheer team has taught me how to be a team player and a leader.

Q:  What is your favorite family memory?

A:  My favorite family memory is the first time we went to Disneyland. It was so magical to be there with my cousins and experience it all for the first time.  Also, as part of my selection as an All-American Cheerleader, I was invited to cheer in the Walt Disney Parade. This will also be a great memory for me!

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Q:  What is your favorite CCA memory?

A:  My favorite CCA memory is when we got to perform the spring musical, Guys and Dolls, at Casa Mañana.

high school cheerleader national merit

Q:  What is your favorite subject and why?

A:  My favorite subject is math because it keeps building on itself. I still use the things I learned in elementary school math class to solve problems in AP Calculus, but now I’m learning how to apply everything I’ve learned to the big picture.

Q:  What is the most memorable book you have read at CCA?

A:  The most memorable book I’ve read at CCA is Crime and Punishment

 Q:  What’s your favorite quote?

 A: "My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.” - Newt Scamander

national merit commendation

Here is what Sebastian Sandoval had to say about himself and his experience as a CCA student: 

Q:   What project or assignment challenged you the most as a student?

Mr. Laywell’s AP Chemistry labs are really challenging. The work is relentless, and Mr. Laywell doesn’t ever let you drift through his class.

What is the most memorable book you have read at CCA?

The Outsiders

Who is your favorite teacher and why?

I have had great experiences with so many teachers who are so kind and knowledgeable that it is a disservice to just mention one. And also, my Mom. . . she’s my favorite.

What is your favorite subject and why?

I have had great teachers that have made classes I thought I would hate, end up being the highlight of my days. I have never wanted to say “favorite” and “least favorite” because all classes have something to offer. 

Do you know which college you want to go to and what you want to study?

I do not know yet where I am going to college. I have applied to several schools and trust that God will lead me where I should be.  I want to study some form of engineering.

sebastian 2

Q: What is your favorite co-curricular?

The Solar Car team is one of the most fun things I have done in high school, and it taught me some amazing things about God through science. 

What hardships have you experienced, and what helped you get through them?

I had two knee surgeries. Recovery took forever, but I will never forget how kind my friends were and how gracious the teachers were in helping me stay caught up in schoolwork.

Q:  If you could change one thing about CCA, what would it be?

I think everyone should join the swim and Solar Car teams!

CCA is proud of the excellence and hard work displayed by Tyler and Sebastian.  We believe they will both move on to do kingdom work in their fields with the excellence they have displayed in their high school studies.   

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