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The Real ROI of a Classical Christian Education

Posted by James Heffington on Jan 3, 2020 9:58:49 AM

is Christian education worth the investment

What is the value of a Classical Christian Education? This question crosses the mind of every parent who makes the sacrifice to send their child to a private school such as Covenant Christian Academy. Perhaps the honest question is, “What will be the return on my investment if I make the financial sacrifice to send my child to CCA?”

Maybe the value of placing our children at Covenant can be summed up best by the word “love.” C.S. Lewis said, “Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person’s ultimate good as far as it can be obtained.”  CCA desires to make decisions for the ultimate good of each student.

return on investment in classical christian education


CCA Students Learn to Love Christ and God's Word

Covenant’s preeminent mission is to teach students to love Christ. Foundational to this mission is the desire that students would learn to love God’s word and be grounded in truth and grace. CCA teachers model the love of Christ to students through their tireless devotion and passion for shaping hearts.

CCA Students Develop a Love of Learning

God has blessed each of us with an intellect and Covenant takes seriously the opportunity to develop this precious gift for His glory. Covenant instructors teach students how to think critically and realize the joy of bringing one’s critical thinking skills to scripture, as well as all disciplines of academia.

CCA Students Learn to Love Themselves

CCA teaches children to love the person God made them to be and value the uniqueness of their life in Christ. Covenant helps students value the process of God’s love working itself out in their own life as they grow from childhood into adolescence. Each precious step on the way to adulthood is nurtured, encouraged and protected by faculty and staff who consider it God’s call on their life to do so. These men and women believe it to be a sacred trust to join with parents in the development of the next generation to shape the world for the glory of God.

the value of classical christian education

The word “love” is often used “cheaply” in our culture. People will say they love the Dallas Cowboys, ice cream, key lime pie or their spouse without a thought to how the meaning of the word differs in each instance. When it comes to a biblical understanding of love, Covenant Christian Academy exemplifies love through its investment into the lives of children. The ROI (return on investment) from a Classical Christian Education can never be quantified in financial terms nor will it be realized this side of heaven. Some may struggle with the inability to fully see what they are getting for their money, but we can agree on what we will see, which is love.

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