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Parent Involvement Helps Keep Students Safe

Posted by Joy Hale on Jun 23, 2022 8:00:00 AM


No parent should have to worry about their child's safety on a school campus.

When we see news coverage of a school shooting, after we get over the shock, our minds often turn to prevention. How can we prevent this from happening??

There have been over 2,000 school shootings since 1970, with a significant increase in incidents within the past ten years. Parents may feel like there is not much they can do to help increase the safety of schools, but this is not true. Parents can partner with schools to foster school safety.  

Confirm the school has appropriate safety procedures. It is important to know how a school handles emergencies. For example, are procedures in place and regularly rehearsed for weather issues and lock-down situations? Does the school have a system of alerting parents of an emergency? Please be aware some procedures may be confidential, but the school administration should be able to inform parents of the general practices. 


Follow school policies, even those irritating sign-in sheets, visitor stickers, and background checks. Schools with safety as a priority invest in electronic entry systems, design buildings with single access entry, and even install video surveillance. Support safety by checking in at the front desk and not propping open school doors for any reason. Skirting policies and procedures may seem harmless, but it is counterproductive to keeping schools safe.

Pay attention to school surroundings and who is coming in and out of the school. Direct other school visitors to follow check-in procedures. Alert school personnel of any suspicious behavior. Teach your children to pay attention to their surroundings, as well. Also, pay attention to what is going on in the lives of teachers, parents, and students. Contact school personnel if you see something concerning on social media or hear alarming communication. In 4 out of 5 school shootings, at least one person knew the shooter's plan but did not report it. Almost all shooters shared concerning messages or images. Spend time in the classroom and at community events getting to know others in the community and paying attention to kids who may need extra attention. An essential part of increasing school safety and mentoring kids is being a noticer of the outliers. 

Speak upRachel Davis, a kindergarten teacher in Nashville, recently encountered a suspicious man on the school playground trying to gain entry to the school building. Rachel attempted to redirect the man to the front doors of the school. When he lunged past her trying to gain access to the school, she tackled him. They both fell backward, breaking Rachel's elbow. Because of Rachel's bravery, the intruder was ultimately restrained and did not gain unlawful entry into the school. It is unlikely that parents will ever have to confront suspicious behavior physically, but schools need parents to speak up and confront unsafe or suspicious behavior. In addition, parents have a responsibility to communicate safety concerns to the appropriate school leadership.  


school safety tips

Pray for God to protect the school campus, children, faculty, and families. Join other parents to pray weekly for my school. CCA has a prayer group for both moms and dads that meet at separate times once a week to pray. If your school doesn't have a prayer group, start one. 

The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. Proverbs 18:10

In reality, there is nothing we can do to 100% prevent a shooting. But we can engage in safety practices that decrease the likelihood of violence in schools.  

The safety of our campus is a priority for Covenant Christian Academy.  Download our Info Packet or schedule a virtual tour today. 

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