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MomEO: Helping Moms Find Purpose in Motherhood

Posted by Shannon Engelman and Emily Thomas on May 2, 2023 11:10:23 AM

encouragement in motherhood

We have less than two weeks until SUMMER, but who’s counting?! Probably most of us, actually… you may feel excited and think, “Oh, I can’t wait!” or maybe you’re feeling anxious and unprepared just thinking about it. Or maybe both?

In January of this year, Emily and I took a step of faith in obedience to what we felt God was calling us into. We’ve been amazed, seeing Him inspire our minds and hearts, steady our hands, and speak through our mouths. Last week, we had the honor and privilege to launch MomEO officially with two “Spring into Summer” Masterclasses attended by 40 mom-friends and ladies from our school community. We gathered together to share what we do for our families in the summer and to also encourage moms to ask the Lord for a vision for their summer months. Our ultimate goal was to help moms feel better equipped for summer and proud of their daily work. We talked a lot about intentionality and finding a rhythm in your routine so that you and your people don’t perish (I’ve had to learn that the hard way, ok!).

Summer brings a different kind of routine for all of us. Not one of us has less responsibility in the summer …making it much more important to reevaluate and create a plan that serves what God is asking us to do and what we’re discerning our family needs. A rhythm will happen like the sunrise and sunset or the waves that crash into the shore. It’s up to you if it’s chaotic and stressful or orchestrated and peaceful. 

Here is one of the handouts we used to give summer days some rhythm. 

We birthed MomEO (Mom Executive Officer) to help moms find purpose in their motherhood, but here’s the thing–we are not perfect moms; we don’t have it all together all the time ourselves, so it feels intimidating to speak in front of our friends and peers. But we did it and fully acknowledge that perfection will never be the goal. We had so much JOY in delivering the messages He wanted us to share.

Time and time again, in scripture, we see God using willing people. He used us to remind every mom in the room that they are called, seen, and graced to do the hard and holy work of the highest vocation. We know our community of moms is a mixture of those who work inside and outside the home, with way more variations than that. Our hearts are so passionate about breaking down the “work” barrier and linking arms to support what we’re ALL doing together–raising the next generation of Jesus followers to love the Lord with all their hearts.

intentionality for moms

Whether you call yourself this or not, you are the MomEO of your family–you have a crucial role in helping your household find that rhythm. So whether your priority is FUN, REST or GROW–or a combo of a few things–it would be wise to take a minute to set some priorities (and maybe have a family meeting/party about it!).

One of our favorite quotes from “The Mission of Motherhood” says it best:

Every home needs not just an emotional center but an overseer who can plan, organize, and manage the productive and creative life of the home. Without such management, no foundation will be laid upon which to build the rest of life.

If you missed the Masterclass but want to jump on the MomEO Camp train, now is the time! We will dive deep into creating routines and rhythms that serve your family, find ways to share household responsibilities while teaching important life skills, navigate developmental changes, and so much more! Check out page 8 of the Cougar Camp Catalog or see the attached flyer for a description of our one-day MomEO Camp held on either June 22 or July 13.

thriving in motherhood

We’re all in this together, Mama!! So, let’s enter this summer season with excitement, anticipation, and purpose. Because the saying is true whether we roll our eyes at it or not, “the days are long, but the years are short.”

We’d also love to connect with you!! You can email us with any questions about our two MomEO Summer Camps or to get more information on mom-to-mom or family coaching packages, upcoming workshops, or anything else! We’re sharing our favorite tips, tricks, encouragement, and some mom jokes on our Instagram if you want to follow us and maybe share what’s challenging or saving your life right now! @MomExecutiveOfficer

And please don’t forget to check out the amazing catalog of CCA Summer Camps open to all kiddos - read: invite your friends, family, and neighbors! My kids started coming to CCA Camps before we enrolled in school here, and it was such a great selling point for how awesome our school is! You never know who you may lead to our school through a simple camp experience. 

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