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Just a Shot Away: How to Shelter Your Children

Posted by Joshua Gibbs on Jul 10, 2022 10:00:00 AM

does private school shelter children too much

Parent: Do you know anything about movies?

Gibbs: Not much. How come?

Parent: Well, my son wants to see this new Batman movie and I don’t know how I feel about it.

Gibbs. How old is your son?

Parent: He’s fourteen. The movie is PG-13, and I often let him see films with that rating, but I’ve seen the trailer for this film, and it looks quite dark.

Gibbs: Agreed. It does look quite dark. What’s the debate in your mind?

Parent: I don’t want my son to gaze at dark things, especially dark seductive things. The film certainly has that look. Beautiful women, sleek cars, balletic violence. Besides, I’ve read some reviews of the film, and it looks to be that sort of bleak, nihilistic film made to inspire brooding despair and cynicism. My son goes to a classical school where he takes these apologetics classes and these logic classes, and he swears to me that he has a “Christian worldview” and so dark seductive films won’t get to him, but I just don’t believe it. The fact he wants to see the film means the film has gotten to him, don’t you think?

Gibbs: I do. It seems like you have very good reasons for not wanting your son to see the film. What’s the holdup?

Parent: Well, I don’t want to shelter him, you know?

Gibbs: You don’t want to shelter him?

Parent: Yes.

Gibbs: You’re legally obligated to shelter your son. If you don’t shelter him, CPS will come and take him away.  

are private school kids sheltered

Parent: Oh, not sheltering like that.

Gibbs: Sheltering like what, then?

Parent: I don’t mean sheltering his body.

Gibbs: Of course. You want to take care of him physically.

Parent: Yes.

Gibbs: You want to feed him three meals a day. You want to give him a safe, comfortable home to live in. You want to take him to the doctor when he is sick. Send him to school, keep him away from drugs and violence.

Parent: Yes.

Gibbs: Then you do want to shelter your son. If you want to give him a home and feed him and clothe him, you want to give him shelter.

Parent: No, that’s not what I meant. I meant I don’t want to shelter him from the evil in the world.

Gibbs: Really?

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