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God's Faithfulness on Display in a High School Play

Posted by Shannon Garcia Santiago on Nov 8, 2018 9:37:37 AM

how to overcome challenges in theater through community

Go to any play or musical, and 9 times out of 10, you will see within the first few pages of the playbill an article entitled “Director’s Note.” This is where the director outlines their vision for the play, highlights any specific artistic epiphany that may have occurred, and lays out how their viewpoint of life was shaped through the rehearsal of the show. Well, this is my director’s note, except it’s not in the program and the great epiphany I received happened after the play had its first performance. 

It was Saturday, October 28. We had a little over a week until we opened the play. I was confident the week ahead would be strides ahead from the last. All of the tech elements would get finished in the capable hands of the production team. I knew I could muscle through this next week and a half of rehearsals and performances, then nurse the inevitable post-show cold that always seems to come after we finish a Theatre production. We would tear down the set, launder the costumes, and put this show in the books like all the others before. 

Sunday evening it all seemed to derail. It became clear muscling through was not going to get me through this time.

My father was admitted to the hospital Sunday night (ironically enough, hours after I had gotten engaged). I visited him that evening with my new fiancé, toting my dad’s phone charger and some sweatpants. I muscled through the next day and half, receiving word from my mom about my father. I visited him when I could. Meanwhile, there was a set to build, students to direct, and a play to be performed in a week. Wednesday afternoon, I was sitting on the stage editing sound cues, crying, while reading a text from my mom informing me my dad would need a quadruple bypass and a valve replacement.  He would be transferred that evening to the heart hospital.  

a school community comes together to make pride and prejudice a sucess

I realized then I had to release my clenched grip on this show and there was no way I could get through this next week on my own strength. 

Releasing a show from my grip was not easy.

But when I gave up the muscling through and surrendered to the Lord what was already His, God proved His faithfulness to me yet again.

The CCA family showed up to fill in the gaps.

Fine Arts teachers helped in whatever way they could, whether it be in direction of students or painting the set.

CCA mothers came to do hair and makeup, run ticket sales, and ensure the students were fed before the curtain went up.

CCA fathers came up to the school with their drills and built the set. Some of those men’s children had already graduated and moved on from our school, but they came regardless.

the challenges of pride and prejudice

I have been blessed beyond measure to witness the body of Christ coming to the rescue with time and talents to ensure the show would go on. Sometimes. a lesson in "giving up control” is taught in painful ways and through heartbreaking events, but the Lord’s goodness through it all is what is always most remembered.

God's faithfulness and steadfast love is never-failing and was shown to me by so many people who gave what they could so selflessly. 

Many outside the CCA bubble may view us as a school with a high-brow attitude and self-importance, much like Elizabeth Bennet and her mistaken impression of Mr. Darcy throughout the beginning of the Pride & Prejudice story.  But when Elizabeth and her family were faced with misfortune and challenges, it was Mr. Darcy that saved her family and did everything within his power to help. CCA is a community that gives however they can, they  pray and stand firm in agreement for the Lord to work in miraculous ways, they rejoice with you, they mourn with you, they are loyal through it all. This community became the hands and feet of Jesus to me during this past week and were instrumental in showing me the faithfulness and the goodness of God. 

behind the scenes of pride and prejudice

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Ben Arnold, Ron Brown, Brad Carignan, Carina Covington, Peter Cruz, Charlie Hale, Kinzie Harvell, Shannon Hazen, Jimmy Jenkins, Kenneth & Tara LeCroy, David Murray, James & Michelle Ramsey, parent volunteers for ticket sales, concessions, and backstage help; Friends of the Arts board members, Whitney Blain, and Jessica Owens. 


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