Rhetoric School (Grades 9–12)

All the phases of classic Christian education come together in Covenant's Rhetoric School. It is a time in a student’s educational career when he or she is able to take the concrete knowledge they have learned during the course of their studies and develop it into a clear, articulate point of view. Our goal is to train and inspire thinkers that can shape our culture.College Readiness: More Than Test Scores and GPA

We not only teach college-preparatory academics, but noble character that is rooted in the person of Christ. Nobility is a seldom-used word in our culture today, and it is an empty term without the understanding that Christ is the foundation of true nobility.  Christ is the core of all we teach in the classroom, in the arts, and in athletics.

At Covenant Christian Academy, we strive to pursue excellence in all things by upholding honorable character with a heart of grace extended to all.


David Johnson

Rhetoric School Head

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