Julie Krull

Chief Financial Officer


I was born and raised in Whitehouse, a small town outside of Tyler; my parents still live there and have been married for 52 years. I moved to the DFW area in the mid-'90s to finish my degree at UNT in Denton; I graduated from UNT in August of 1998 with a Bachelor of Business Administration. I worked in the car business for 12 years, starting in sales and ending in the finance office as the Director of Finance. In 2008 I left the car business to work at a University Model School in Denton, where I was the Business Administrator for 13 years. I married my husband, Chris, in 2008, and we have one daughter, Emily, who is a competitive gymnast. We reside in Colleyville with our Labrador Murray and a pocket black kitty.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? A teacher

Why do you choose to work at CCA?  Before CCA, I was driving 80 miles to work round trip, and after 13 years, it started to wear me out, making me bitter and tired. I was struggling to balance my family and work life. I prayed for a change, and God opened the door at CCA- I had previously worked with Dr. Jeffrey at another school and learned so much from his leadership. Being at CCA allows me to work and grow with like-minded Christian colleagues, it helps balance my family life, and I now drive in a week what I was driving in a day. Working here allows me to grow in my relationship with Christ both on the professional and personal side.

What is one fun fact about you? I've purposely ran three marathons- one of which was the New York City Marathon.

What is your favorite book of all time? Oh goodness- just one? The Circle Maker: Praying Circles by Mark Batterson -This book shows the wonderful power of prayer. Lemons on Friday is another good one- this covers the various levels of grief and that it is ok to experience any grief. I love history-type books for learning and memoirs for great mind escapes.

What is one thing that can instantly make your day better? Good coffee and words of affirmation

What do you like to do for fun? I enjoy snow skiing, being outdoors, working out, and spending time with my family.


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