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Led by Head Coach Teddi Miller, Volleyball is available for girls in 7th-12th grades in addition to youth sports teams for 1st-6th grades.

Coach Miller is dedicated to bringing the love girls have for volleyball into their school life.  It gives them the opportunity to not only grow their volleyball skills, but also focus on life lessons that will allow them to be strong, confident, and Christ-like woman. Seeing the improvement the girls make on the court, both physically and mentally, is rewarding for Coach Miller. Learning to be competitive while being respectful, all while having fun, is her true goal for each player.  She wants her players to look back at their time at CCA and have the best memories of volleyball.
The team chant is  "With each other; for each other".  
Coach Miller says, "We are one in volleyball.  No team is more important than the other.  Together we are Cougar volleyball.  Each level of play is crucial and needed for the development of the next.  We cheer each other on and we build each other up.  We work through the lows and we celebrate the highs.  But, we are always one!"
The team verse is "Iron sharpens irons, and one man sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17