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What Does It Mean to Win a Soccer State Championship?

Posted by Joy Hale on Mar 23, 2022 10:15:52 AM

The Covenant Cougars varsity boys' soccer team beat Cypress Christian to win the TAPPS D3 state championship.  This win represents a remarkable turn-around from the sweeping losses experienced during last year's season. Please continue reading to learn exactly what this championship means to the coaches and the players alike. 

high school soccer championship meaning

"It was such a thrill and joy to watch our 2022 Boys' Soccer team develop and mature through this season. Coach Scannell does such a great job with the boys and they respond to him.  I don't know that I have ever been around such an incredible turn-around from last year's squad to this year's championship team.  However, what I do know is that Coach Mark coached them just as hard last season as he did this season, and that is what I love about him and Coach Goldie. Despite our shortcomings last season, they coached the boys so hard and were so positive with them. The reason for our success is the groundwork laid in the seasons before this one.  Our talent level with our young players was and is through the roof but the leadership of our only senior, Jacob Bullington, and one junior, Micah Smith was unparalleled.  Watching Jacob and Micah hold the championship trophy made this season so, so special.  As an AD and football coach - it was such a thrill to share athletes with Coach Scannell.  There were 9 football players on this State Championship Soccer Team, and as an AD - that makes me very proud! "  Phil Towe-Athletic Director

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"We only made the playoffs once in the last 4 seasons. So it's a big jump to step up and win state and we're really pleased. When we beat Dallas Covenant, the former state champs, on PKs at home, I realized we had a chance with anyone in the state if we played our best. We just stayed calm and kept creating chances." Mark Scannell, Head Coach

what is takes to be a champion

"This season was very special for me, being the only senior and a team captain. Covenant Boys' Soccer has always been a fun experience but it was amazing to have great success in this season. This season, I grew in experience, leading a team of different personalities. I learned how to best help certain people and lift them up effectively. I learned that when I set a goal for myself, in this case winning state, I will be focused 100% and it will dominate how I go about preparing for small goals within the larger. I learned that patience truly is a virtue and it is by trusting God’s timing that great things can happen.  Easily, my favorite moment was lifting the trophy at the end of the season with my awesome teammates; they all worked so hard individually and together to bring it home after an 8-year drought. Hebrews 10:36 captures the meaning of this season for me- You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised." Jacob Bullington -Senior 

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"This season meant a lot to me; it was a lot of firsts. It was my first year at Covenant, my first time playing Hs soccer, the first time I got to play an entire season with my brother Kyle, the first time I scored 20+ goals in a season, and my first time winning state! I also learned so much about life, people, and the game itself. I will be forever grateful to our amazing team, coach, managers, trainers, and parents!"  Peyton Milligan -Sophomore

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"I grew this season because I learned how to work better with my friends." Aiden Castello - Sophomore

TAPPS state soccer champions

"This season and all the memories mean so much to me. One of my favorite moments was beating Dallas Covenant, the defending State Champs on penalty kicks. My favorite memory though was definitely winning the state championship. After all we went through last season being one of the worst teams in the state and not winning a single game to being state champions made it all extra special."  Charlie Umayam - Sophomore

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"This season meant more than a win. We did something that no school has ever done before, and to be honest, when I first saw our team, I didn't think we would be state champs, but somehow we did it. This team went through a lot and I’m very proud of what we became and what we accomplished. And the photo I chose is one of my favorites because that was right before my second goal.  When I scored it, I knew we were state champions!"  Oliver Hautanen - Freshman

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"This Season actually meant so much to me not because of something I wanted to do or prove but because of someone. Jacob, our captain, who has been one of my greatest friends for a while now, has spent his whole high school career not really having any chance for soccer. Finally this season, he does and not only does he do good, but we win State. I was so happy for him and am sad to see him leave but am so proud to see how far he has come." Logan Leger - Freshman

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Congratulations Boys!  We are proud of your hard work, perseverance, and leadership.

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