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The Life Changing Impact of a Coach

Posted by Joy Hale on Oct 13, 2023 11:30:54 AM

impact of a coach

A coach will influence more people in one year than most people in their entire lifetime.  

High school athletic coaches especially can have a life-changing impact on athletes by shaping their character and values. Their influence goes beyond teaching the skills of a particular sport and extends to personal development and life skills. Here are some ways in which high school coaches can impact athletes:

Character Development: Coaches emphasize values like discipline, respect, sportsmanship, integrity, and perseverance. These qualities can impact an athlete's character and shape their approach to life's challenges. Athletes carry this character with them into adulthood. 

Coping with Adversity:  Through the challenges and setbacks in sports, coaches help athletes learn how to cope with adversity, bounce back from failures and injuries, and develop mental toughness. These skills are valuable in facing life's obstacles. 

College and Career Opportunities: High school coaches can guide athletes in the college recruitment process, helping them earn scholarships and continue their athletic careers at the collegiate level. Additionally, they can provide recommendations and support for non-athletic opportunities, such as scholarships and career choices. Coaches who have played at the collegiate and professional levels have a unique insight into guiding high school athletes because of their personal journey. The current football coaching staff at Covenant Christian Academy is an excellent example of this. Watch this highlight video to learn more about this.

influence of a coach

Discipline and Work Ethic: Coaches instill discipline and a strong work ethic in athletes. They teach the importance of regular practice, punctuality, and the value of hard work in achieving success, both in sports and other areas of life.

Leadership and Sportsmanship: Coaches can mold athletes into leaders on and off the field. They emphasize the importance of good sportsmanship, respect for opponents, and fair play.

Teamwork and Communication: Coaches teach athletes how to work effectively with their teammates, communicate on the field, and collaborate to achieve common goals. These skills are not only crucial in sports but also in life.

high school football

In essence, high school athletic coaches can be transformative figures in the lives of their athletes, leaving a profound and long-lasting impact that extends beyond the high school years. They play a crucial role in shaping athletes not just as competitors but as well-rounded individuals with valuable life skills and attributes.

As a parent of a football player being mentored by the CCA coaching team, I can attest to the value of the coaching team's care and investment in my son's life. The coaches actually know him and care about his development beyond the football field. Being known gives my son a sense of responsibility and accountability that he would not otherwise have. This "being known" is the transformative piece of the coaching puzzle.  If you are not already part of the CCA community and you are interested in learning more about the transformative experience of a CCA education, schedule a visit.  


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