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Best Christmas Movies of All Time

Traditions at Christmas time are a big deal in our house. We put up the Christmas tree on the Friday after Thanksgiving, listen to the same Christmas CDs, eat the same meal on Christmas Eve year after year, always bake and decorate cookies...

What Jury Duty Taught Me About Classical Education


I was recently summoned to jury duty, and ended up serving on a trial in a criminal court all week. I was so frustrated at being chosen, because they warned us during voir dire that the case could take all week. Unfortunately, teaching was not...

Memory Making Christmas Traditions


If I asked you to close your eyes and think back to your favorite Christmas memory, I bet most of you would go right back to a family tradition involving a holiday scent of cinnamon and evergreens, smells of sugar and gingerbread and sounds of...

Our Top 10 Blog Posts

Exactly one year ago today CCA launched this blog with the hope that the words written by Covenant parents, faculty, staff, alumni, and students would encourage, educate, and inspire.

What Teachers Really Want for Christmas

There are many things I love about Christmas....Jesus, making memories with friends and family, beautiful decor, and melodious music. There is one thing I do not like about Christmas....buying gifts just so I can just check things off my list.


One day, I was not so patiently trying to coax my kids into cleaning their rooms. I hit my limit on tolerating the mess in my house. 

How Can I Make Friends with Other Parents?


My heart rate quickened and I knew something was not right about this social media post. My mommy radar lit up. I texted my friend. Is everything okay with your girl? What is going on? Because of our friendship, my friend was aware of a...

Les Misérables: From the Stage to the Street

A soft, safe place to land. We all have one.  The overstuffed chair in the corner.  The way-too-cozy bed that makes it nearly impossible to cheerfully greet a winter morning.  Strong arms.  A quiet car.  What would your day be like without it? 

God's Faithfulness on Display in a High School Play

Go to any play or musical, and 9 times out of 10, you will see within the first few pages of the playbill an article entitled “Director’s Note.” This is where the director outlines their vision for the play, highlights any specific artistic...

Everyone Wants to Be Included

There are few memories from junior high that sting as much as one awful moment in seventh grade.