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Just Show Up

It was January of 1994, and there was an ice storm in Chicago. I had flown in from Southern California where I attended college after learning my mother, at the age of 47, had died of breast cancer. I was still a teenager, making my way to...

Music Lessons 101: A Parent's Guide to Private Lessons

When should my child begin music lessons?

There is no shortage of research proving music instruction is vitally important in the development of the whole child, but many parents wonder when a child should begin taking lessons and what kind of...

How to Not Be That Crazy Sport Parent

Parents love their children and want the best for them. Sometimes on the athletic field, this manifests in the parents screaming at their children from the sidelines. We previously discussed that this "coaching" from the stands brings confusion...

What Really Happens When Parents Coach from the Stands?

As a parent of an athlete, why is it so hard to be a fan on the sidelines at games?

Use Team Sports to Train Up Your Child

1-2-3-Teamwork!  It’s one of the standard yells for any sport played involving more than one person.  But the depth behind that yell goes way beyond the surface.

An Invitation to Let Your Kids Be Bored This Summer

Summer is here, and it's zooming by!

If that statement puts you in a panic, then this is for you. Why the panic? What was on your summer agenda that you have not yet attended to? Better question, why the agenda in the first place?

Summer Reading List: Cool Kid’s Lit for Hot Summer Days

These unputdownable books will help your family beat the heat!

The Surprising Benefits of Playing Board Games

We are well into summer and if your family is anything like mine we are scrambling to fill our time with something other than Netflix and video games.  My kids actually love to have family game night.  Honestly, I have a love-hate relationship...

Books to Help Children with Grief and Loss


How to Raise a Prayer Warrior

If you are a parent, one question is never far from your mind . . . “Am I doing this right?”