The True Purpose Behind CCA's Athletics Program

What’s the big deal with playing sports in school? Is it simply about students training to be faster, stronger and smarter than the kids from the opposing school?

character education through sportsAs parents who are concerned about their child's physical, mental, and spiritual development , you have questions about the principles that drive the athletic program of your child's school.

At Covenant Christian Academy, we believe that playing on a sports team fosters many of the skills children will use during their entire lives. We empower youth to get involved in athletics so they can learn important interpersonal skills, improve their self-esteem, figure out how to manage their time, and use their bodies to bring glory to God.

Watch our on-demand webcast, "School Sports: Nurturing Student Athletes" and discover the true purpose behind CCA's Athletics Program.

We'll answer the following questions: 

  • What does it mean to be on a team sport?

  • What are the advantages of being at a small, private school to a student athlete?

  • What life shaping opportunities can athletic programs provide?

  • Can athletics really promote life essential skills and benefits?

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