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How does Preschool and Kindergarten lay a foundation of success for your child's education?

preschool and kindergartenHearing your child's first words and sentences and watching them cruise around the coffee table are probably some of your fondest memories. 

Now your little one is becoming even more independent. The next step is finding the right place for them to begin their journey into their years of formal education.

We want to help you navigate through this huge milestone for your family. During this webinar, we discussed the importance of starting a solid foundation for your child's lifelong learning. 

During this webinar, you will:

  • Understand school characteristics most parents consider important when selecting an educational option for their kindergarten student
  • Get tips about about how you can help your children prepare academically and socially for formal schooling
  • Take an inside look at CCA's vibrant Preschool and Kindergarten community

If you know a family or friend who may find this webinar helpful, let them know that this resource is available. 

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