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A Headmaster Shares Thoughts on Thankfulness

Posted by Dr. Tony Jeffrey on Apr 8, 2021 9:05:47 AM

why i love my school

When accepting the call to serve as Headmaster for Covenant Christian Academy last year, I had no idea of the pandemic storm about to hit the world and educational institutions.  More than ever the struggles of the past year have clarified why I believe what we do at CCA matters and is by far the best educational choice available.  Here are a few things I love and am most thankful for about our school:

    1. CCA is a Classical School---We are blessed to teach our children the very best that man has ever thought, produced, or written. It is a transformational curriculum. It prepares students to live a life WORTH living.
    2. Our Classical Mission---Our mission is to cultivate wisdom and virtue in the lives of our students, first and foremost, by surrounding them with a curriculum that is filled with truth (not lies), beauty (not ugliness), and goodness (not evil). In a world that does not believe in absolute truth, and is filled with ugliness and evil, this is indeed a privilege.
    3. We are a Christian school and in partnership with Christian families---We are a school for like-minded and like-hearted Christian families and employees who love Jesus Christ. We integrate our faith into everything we do and share the love of Christ with one another as partners in the education of these precious children.
    4. Our Faculty---They are committed, self-sacrificing, loyal, persevering, committed to excellence, and unwavering in their dedication. They love and desire to know their students. They love teaching, CCA, and Jesus. They are sharp, diligent, and committed to growing professionally.

      finding a school community you love
    5. We are blessed with wonderful facilities, a beautiful campus setting, strong programs in the Arts and Athletics, and continued positive reports from our alumni who have thrived in college and life.
    6. We get to teach the Word of God and worship weekly in Chapel.
    7. A Legacy of Generosity--For forty years, CCA has been a gathering place for truly amazing families who have blessed the school through their sacrifices of time, talent, and treasure.
    8. We teach phonics to our Kindergarteners and have the privilege of watching our Seniors complete their thesis project. CCA students are very well-read, know how to stand on their feet and speak, and can prove their comprehension of complex ideas through their strong writing skills. These are all traits sadly missing in American education. Our core curriculum also gives them a rich foundation in science and math enabling them to be successful in the college and career of their choice.
    9. Our Traditions and Programs---CCA is committed to producing well-rounded students and offers so many fun, meaningful, and life-changing experiences for students.
  1. a school community that is like family
    This is the Covenant that I have come to know and love and I am privileged to be here. I firmly believe the school is positioned for tremendous success in its future. I am privileged to lead a team that is excited about establishing CCA as a leader in classical, Christian education…all for the glory of God!

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