Why Covenant Preschool?

What is Special About CCA Preschool?

kindergarten classroom

Our Classical curriculum builds from year to year. The best way to enhance your child's learning potential in later grades is to start early with a strong foundation.

Classes include – Bible, Phonics & Spelling, Reading & Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, Foreign Language - Spanish, Fine Arts – Art & Music, Physical Education, and Library. 

Implementing a curriculum that meets individual, developmental needs, while providing a range of learning experiences, is of great importance to us. Therefore, our program is built upon each of the following components: emotional/social development; cognitive development/ discovery skills; physical development/motor skills; and spiritual/character development. These are considered essential building blocks for growth and will help measure individual student progress throughout the year. 

Our program consists of presenting academic concepts through multi sensory activities – making certain to reach all types of learners in a fun and engaging environment.

Our teachers are all seasoned educators who bring their years of experience and expertise into the classroom.