Forms Center

All forms are electronic except for paper forms (indicated in orange) that require a special signature, notarization, or a medical doctor authorization.


Information Request

Information Packet

Curricular Roadmap

Admissions Application Process

Parent Consent for Background Check

Parent Driver's License

Student's Birth Certificate

Court Ordered Parenting Plan

Pastor Reference Request

Academic References Request

Student Shot Records

Severe Allergy Disclosure and Release

Transcript/Report Card

Standardized/Achievement Test

Previous Testing for Reading/Learning Differences:

Student Medical Screening Records

Pastor Recommendation

School Principal Recommendation

Pre-Grammar Teacher Recommendation

1st–4th Grade Teacher Recommendation

5th–12th Language/English Teacher Recommendation

5th–12th Grade Math Teacher Recommendation


Alumnus Profile

Alumni Homecoming RSVP


Fine Arts Elective Preferences (new students)

Friends of the Arts Membership Registration

School of the Arts (SOTA) Registration

Peripole Recorder Orders (4th-6th grades)

School of the Arts Music Festival Registration

Fall Drama—Playbill Advertising

Spring Musical—Sponsorships and Advertising

Spring Musical—Student Ads for Playbill

Spring Musical—Volunteer Signups (seasonal)

Spring Musical—Overflow Seating Request

Spring Musical—Cast Meals

Betty Buckley Award Tickets


Parent's Night Out Registration

Choir Spring Show—Pizza & Tee Shirts

Fine Arts Banquet Registration

Fine Arts Banquet Tee Shirts


Athletics Booster Club Membership Registration

Daddy/Daughter Dance Reservations

Bus Requisition

Athletics Physical Forms (paper)

Athletics Handbook Signature Confirmation

Cub Cheer Registration (paper)


Youth Soccer Coach Interest Profile

Youth Soccer Player Registration

Youth Basketball Coach Interest Profile

Youth Basketball Player Registration

Youth Basketball Registration Payment

Youth Baseball Coach Interest Poll

Youth Baseball Player Interest Poll

Youth Flag Football Coach Interest Poll

Youth Flag Football Player Registration

Youth Volleyball Coach Interest Poll

Youth Volleyball Player Registration

Youth Volleyball Payment

Booster Clubs

Friends of the Arts Membership Registration

Athletics Booster Club Membership Registration


Volunteer Signup

Volunteer Roster

Volunteer Consent for Background Check

Volunteer Driver Application (paper)

Family Directory Privacy Request

Family Directory Advertisements

Watchmen Prayer Requests

Cougar Club (before/after school care)

Cougar Club Registration

Drop-In Reservations

Extended Play Reservations

Faculty In-Service Reservations


Donate to CCA


Jireh Cafetorium Reservation Request

Jireh Stage Reservation Requests

Colleyville Presbyterian Sanctuary Reservation Requests

Grammar School

Veterans Day Tribute Submissions for Veterans Day Chapel

Human Resources

Employment Application: Teacher/Coach

Employment Application: Administrative Staff

American Disabilities Act (ADA) Statement

Staff Vehicle Registration

Logic School (5th–8th)

8th Grade Banquet Reservations


Shot Records

Medical Screenings Records

Medical Screenings Orders

Parent/Physician Request for Administration of Medication by School Personnel (paper)

Parent/Physician Request for Administration of Medication by Summer Camp Personnel (paper)

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan (paper)

Students (All)

Student Vacation/Trip Request (paper)

Notification of Planned Absence for 5th—12th Grades (paper)

Rhetoric School & Seniors

Student Vehicle Registration

Senior Dinner & Robing Ceremony Reservations

Graduation DVD Orders

AP Exam Registration & Payment (paper)


Staff Vehicle Registration

Summer Camp

Summer Camp Registration

Cougar Den Registration for Half-Day Campers

Summer Camps Miscellaneous Payments

Parent/Physicial Request For Medication Administration By Summer Camp Personnel (paper)

Field Trip Permission/Waiver (paper)